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A friend who is also a friend of Juggling Frogs (see her Twit List) called me last week and asked, what’s this Twitter thing? We talked about it a bit, and we agreed that if you are not already working on the computer, Twitter may not really work for you.

So, what is Twitter good for?

If you are a blogger, you can Tweet your blog posts. And if you have friends that live in various parts of the world, you can Tweet “Good Morning” or “Good Night” to them. OK, you probably aren’t going to sign up for Twitter just to do that.

One of nice “toys” you can use along with Twitter is Twitter Search:

If you type in a keyword that interests, perhaps you will find someone with a mutual interest that you will want to follow. As an example, I decided to try the keyword “turmeric”, and I found a lot of Tweeters typing in recipes with this tasty anti-inflammatory spice.

I like the idea of meeting others in my local area, so I use TwitterLocal:

You can then generate an RSS feed that you can read in your RSS reader (I use Google Reader).

Here’s a new toy I just tried out this morning (hat tip: SeoVice):

You can do multiple tasks with this toy; I used it this morning to schedule a Tweet. This works well if you have scheduled a post, and you want your Tweet to show up after post is public, not before.

Finally, if you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m leoraw.

So, if you are already a Twitting Tweeter, what do you use Twitter for?

7 thoughts on “Twitter Toys

  • I use twitter for learning. I was a successful business woman before discovering twitter, but I had no idea what internet marketing was all about— by following people who know people who know people who know the people I joined twitter to follow, suddenly I was following blogging experts, website experts, and being invited to various FREE teleseminars. I’ve joined multiple email lists and gotten lots of free goodies. I’ve met great people and networked like crazy. Of COURSE I’ve gotten new customers from twitter, but I’ve also gotten some great new friends. It’s fun to follow the fellow Jews, too, to see what you’re all up to.

    Follow me! 🙂

  • THANK YOU. Your timing is perfect. I just joined twitter and I’ve been so confused. I’m starting to figure it out now, though. Thank you so much for helping me out.

  • schedule a tweet!? that is cool. i just twitter. i don’t do anything else that is fun or interesting. hmm….i’ll have to check these out! thanks….

  • Phyllis, the scheduling was the best part! I wrote three posts in the morning, scheduled them throughout the day, and then I scheduled a twitter about this post for night, when I was getting my daughter ready for bed. Woohoo!

    Reiza, thanks for visiting!
    Heather, glad it works for you.

  • Oh goodness me. I LOVE Twitter. I have a personal account and a birdwatching account both feed into my 2 blogs. I also use Twitter at work to push pregnancy and babytips out to my followers. I have been using Tweetlater for months. I scheduled all of my work tweets during the holidays. I have never heard of twitterlocal though. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

  • Thanx for the twitter toys, cool stuff.
    It will be fun searching for things. I searched for “babysitting” and found a funny one: “…Babysitting my brother’s dog. Considering creating a Twitter and Facebook account for her.”

    The TweetLater one sounds cool.

    Also, did you know about Twitter Moms?

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