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If you don’t already read blogs in a reader, I recommend trying Google Reader. Once you have set up a Google account, you can subscribe to this blog by clicking the orange subscribe button on the top left of my blog page.

Some tutorials for beginners:

Whenever I add a new RSS feed, since I have so many already, I almost always add it to a folder. Google Reader puts the folders in alphabetical order, so my top folder is called “frequent”. I also have one called “sometimes”. Here’s a screen shot of my “photo” folder, a folder of the many photo bloggers I like to view:

For more advanced Google Readers users, here’s a post about using tags:
 Better Cooking Through Reader-ing.

Google Reader’s FAQ page has a table of shortcuts that might come in handy (scroll down the FAQ page to see them). You can also see these shortcuts by typing ? (hold down shift to type ?). Hit Esc to exit the shortcuts page.

Have you used Google Reader? Do you like it? Do you prefer a different RSS reader? Any good tips about how to maximize one’s use of Google Reader’s features?

10 thoughts on “About Google Reader

  • I’m in the “photos” section – that makes me feel all tingly inside :). (Not that there would be many other logical choices, considering how little actual writing I seem to be doing these days LOL.)

  • Glad I gave you a tingle inside, Robin. I do enjoy your photos. Especially when you get “artsy” (there was one you took of a forest in NH that warmed my heart).

  • I adore Google Reader. I don’t know how I ever read blogs without it. In some ways, it makes my life much easier. In others, though, it helps keep me on the computer longer. Everything is so nicely organized in one place. It’s easy to plan to just check it out and then spend the next hour catching up.

    I haven’t used tags, though and I didn’t know there were shortcuts, so I’ll need to check that out. Thanks.

  • Reiza, I never got tags to work well for me. But maybe you will. It seemed to clutter up Google Reader.

    I just discovered Google Bookmarks… I like this toy!

  • I also create folders in google reader, makes it so much easier. I have a “Daily” folder of feeds I read every day like status updates, daily downloads and other tech stuff, then a “Jewish” one, for Jewish news like VIN, Yeshiva World, Chaptzem etc. Then I have a folder for Blogs that I like to keep up to date with. Then another one for new blogs that I’m checking out. Then I have another folder for parenting and Mom related stuff.

    I use feedly, a firefox extension, instead of google reader. It’s based on google reader and uses those feeds and keeps it synced. But it’s a more pleasant interface, it looks nicer, it’s easier to read, and to keep up to date with.

    What’s google reader bookmarks?

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