Astralagus, Shiitake, Ginseng

More hawthorn berries, because I love these red on blue pics!
More hawthorn berries, because I love these red on blue pics!

Did you get sick this year? Colds, flu, strep? There are multiple ways one can boost one’s immune system.

Klara put me on some of her health lists, and someone pointed to this web page:
 Traditional Chinese Medicine
It has all sorts of suggestions on how one can boost one’s immune system, from acupuncture to herbal therapy. I have an herbal preparation downstairs that includes elderberry, astralagus, echinacea, and other herbs, and I take it if I feel even a hint of a cold coming on.

But I really get a lot less sick now than I used to in my teens and twenties; it could be that I much more aware of my diet (I eat more vegetables and whole grains than I used to and less white flour/sugar products). It also could be that my life is more stable and less stressed (even though I am taking care of three kids and a father, I am less stressed than I was back then).

Here are some ideas of what one could eliminate for health reasons:
1) Trans fats (margarine, Crisco, many baked goods that say partially hydrogenated): nutrition-oriented people disagree on many things, but no one thinks trans fats are healthy.
2) Sugar, white flour and dairy, at least for the duration of your illness
3) Eat less fried or baked food and concentrate on soup and steamed food until you feel better

I’ve mentioned garlic and ginger in past posts. Now one can add astralagus, shiitake mushrooms and ginseng to immune boosters. If you are sick, make sure that everything that enters your body has nutrients. Eat berries instead of cookies.

Feel free to add your own immune boosting ideas. Having friends and sharing ideas can only help one’s immune system!

Dr. David Williams Natural Immunity List (received via a Tweet from primetimeparent)
(though I question whether shark cartilage actually works…)

7 thoughts on “Astralagus, Shiitake, Ginseng

  • This doesn’t boost your immunity, but if you find yourself coming down with something, drink a gallon of distilled water in a day. Distilled water has no trace elements (minerals) or additives (floride)or anything else, so has a greater capacity to absorb and drag out the toxins that are making you sick. It’s not good to drink distilled water all the time, because your body needs some of those elements, but when you’re sick or getting sick, flush out your system with it. Works like a charm!

  • Reluctantfarmchik, thanks for the distilled water idea, I’ve never heard that before.

    Raizy, tea is good stuff, and you can find some medicinal kinds in a health food store. Usually a good idea to buy one when you are healthy.

    Ilana-Davita, enjoy a restful Shabbat.

  • This is a good post! The photograph is vibrant and lovely!

    Diets that are low in Omega-3 fatty acids show an increase in body inflammation. So, adding or eating more of it to your diet will help with that, including inflammation due to colds.

    Some Helpful Omega-3s:
    herring, anchovies
    Omega-3 fish oil supplements
    flax seed oil
    green beans

  • Lorri, that’s a great list. I should do a post on Omega-3 vs. Omega 6. I saw a funny quote in a book, about a researcher in Israel who says he believes in God and getting the proper Omega3 Omega6 balance.

    I think sardines also can be on that list. I was going to eat some on Thursday night, but my eldest son was in the room, and he is very sensitive to smells. So I resisted. We also can’t eat oranges in his presence.

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