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Several bloggers recently wrote some great posts about books they are reading, have read, would like to read:

sharansky_identityI recently finished Natan (Antatoly) Sharansky’s Defending Identity: Its Indispensable Role in Protecting Democracy. Sharansky, born in the Ukraine, was involved in Jewish refusenik activities until his arrest in 1977, when he was sentenced to thirteen years imprisonment. He was released in 1986 at which time he rejoined his wife in Israel and became involved in Israeli politics. In the book he talks about his years in confinement and how felt fortunate to be able to read the classics while in prison. He found he identified with some of the tragic Greek heroes. The book is quite pro-America and gives a good burst of what is great about America. I found the contrast between his talk at Rutgers several years ago and his talks in Europe a bit scary: when he spoke at Rutgers, he got a pie thrown his face (my husband was actually at that lecture). He then assumed he would have an unsupportive audience, but the Rutgers audience proved to be welcoming (mostly). On the other hand, at a European university he was surprised by the hostile questions he received.

musical_noteI was reading a biography of Bach to my daughter this morning, because we are now both fans of the Brandenburg Concertos.

I took out a book on the Flu of 1918 and started reading that last night (and the 1918 flu is in the news: Researchers unlock secrets of 1918 flu pandemic). I also started reading The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, because my son has been reading this series (the series is called The Wheel of Time). It is a fat, fat, fat book, and I don’t know if it will hold my interest long enough for me to read the whole thing.

What’s new on the book scene for you? Anything you would like to read, have read, would recommend for a child?

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  • I’m reading Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister now for my book club. Definitely not for children, and the jury’s still out on whether I’d recommend it for adults. I didn’t really care for the first half of the book but the end is starting to suck me in a bit. I’ve got about 80 pages left, so we’ll see…

  • Since you got me hooked on Allegra Goodman, I have just ordered another of her novels.
    As to what I’d like to read I have (long) lists on both Amazon US and Amazon France!

  • One of my oldest daughter’s favorite books is “Once Upon a Marigold” by Jean Ferris. It’s geared for the young adult set, but I really enjoyed it as well.

  • The younger kids prefer Hebrew, but I think that’s because it’s much easier to learn to read in Hebrew. It’s all phonetic and straightforward.

    But the older kids read whichever language is on hand. Also, they try to read books in the original language rather than in translation. For instance, one of my older sons just finished both “The Chosen” and “The Promise”, and the other one is working his way through “The Lord of the Rings”.

  • Thanks to everyone who wrote what they are reading. Interesting, no one seems to be reading anything similar to anyone else.

    I will probably take Allegra Goodman’s most recent book out of the library soon. I’m glad you like her books, Ilana-Davita.

  • I just read Karen Armstrong’s memoir of life in a convent. I read a book about the influenza pandemic and a novel based on the book–The Last Town on Earth. I think the non-fiction book was called The Great Influenza, but I may be making that up.

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