Lets Play Pretend

If you do watch this short video, I would interested in your reaction. All my commentators have always been polite, and I will ask you to continue to do so. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Lets Play Pretend

  • Interesting video -I’m not a big fan of the type face they used, and the way they displayed the text . . . but the point is very clear.

  • Jewish Side, that’s OK. I don’t know if you remember my post called “Modulate”, but the point is, we should all take in only as much as we can handle. Thankfully there are some brave souls in this world that can handle a lot.

  • Dear Leora,
    Your too kind comment made my face redden with shame and tears of rage come in my eyes.
    No people should have to thank for being appreciated or highly valued.
    It’s a world gone wrong.
    The IMAGINE video is important. In simple language and easy read letters the message gets through to anyone who seek the truth.
    (I actually felt sick as I read the two first comments. This is important information to a misinformed world, not a piece of art.)

    Today, January 3rd, our newspaper, claiming to be neutral and actually is better balanced than most, brought an article about the rocket attacks. Referring to Israeli and palestinian sources, they showed a diagram to two rockets, one with a range of 15 kilometers, the other with a range of 35 kilometers.
    No mentioning of the 60 kilometers rockets at all.

    The world needs information. Thanks to Robin and Leora I was able to correct this article to my family and friends.
    My daughter attending a college with main subject information
    can bring this knowledge further when she returns to her studies next week.

    This is small, but vital counter attack to change a misguided nation.
    The Lord bless you Leora. The Lord bless Israel.
    From Felisol

  • wow! I think that I may have seen this elsewhere but I don’t always click videos. This was very powerful and I am pleased that Israel is really standing up for itself. Now we do our part and keep up the tehillim and tefillos. there are really great suggestions on super raizy as well for practical hands on support we can contribute as well.

  • Carletta and Felisol, I really, really, really appreciate your viewing this and commenting.

    Felisol, I wouldn’t be worried about triLcat’s comment. She lives within that 60 km range, so I don’t have a problem with her wanted a video to be better made. She understands the message all too well.

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