Mom in Israel Exclusive

Mom in Israel just posted pictures of Israelis treating Palestinians. She translates the accompanying text:

Pictures of Israeli soldiers rescuing Palestinians from a tunnel (used for smuggling weapons) in Gaza.
In the most moral army in the world, instead of blowing up the tunnel, they [the soldiers] rescue the one who is trying to kill you.
After smuggling weapons they [the Palestinians] receive:
Medical care, blankets, a cup of tea.

Read the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “Mom in Israel Exclusive

  • I also sent this out to groups I was on – and shocked by some responses, but encouraged by others. The hatred that’s out there is the most frightening thing.

  • Ilana-Davita, I’ve been telling everyone for months that I read blogs to get news (then I sometimes read the news reports). Real journalism is dead, as far as I can tell. So biased.

    Klara, I remember years ago, pre-web, feeling a similar shock at reading real anti-semitism on the internet, when it was just news groups.

    Mother in Israel, look forward to reading about breastfeeding and books on your site. May the soldiers be successful and southern Israel return to being a quiet, peaceful place.

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