Book Lovers Whaddya See

I took this in January in response to a Thursday Challenge for “MANY” and chose a different shot of many books.

Please click on the bookshelf pic and see if you’ve read any of these. Or would like to read. Or recommend a book!

Since readers said they couldn’t read the title, I uploaded by shelves:

13 thoughts on “Book Lovers Whaddya See

  • I couldn’t read all the titles, but I’ve read Alice in Wonderland and The Castle and I have a much-thumbed copy of The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. I really should read some James Joyce and Virginia Woolf at some point.

  • The flash seemed to have gone off on top of Ulysses in the upper left. I love Virginia Woolf. I tried to get through Ulysses. I found Dubliners by Joyce easy to read and interesting. I wrote a paper in college about the food in “The Dead,” how it was more alive than the Dubliners at the dinner party.

    Yes, the photo is not clear enough to read all the titles.

  • I couldn’t read most of the titles either, but if you haven’t read it yet I’d highly recommend The Book Thief – just finished it for my book club and it really is as wonderful as everyone says.

  • Robin, we (my husband, my eldest son, and I) all read The Book Thief last summer. My son had to read it for school (required summer reading). We liked it, though I didn’t like it enough to write about it on my blog.

  • I own and have read Blu Greenberg’s book (I loved it) and Sarna’s books about the psalms. I also recognize several Virginia Woolf’s novels – some that I have read. I also notice that, like most book lovers, you are running out of space hence the books on the floor on the right.

  • Ilana-Davita, I haven’t looked at Blu Greenberg’s book in years. But I would guess that it would be a good book for you.

    Most of these books I bought or acquired over 14 years ago (pre-children). I try to use the library as much as possible. We even have bookshelves in our dining room. And plenty of boxes in our attic, too.

  • Great idea for a post, and I love your eclectic classification system! 🙂

    I’ve only read “Harry Potter” and “Alice in Wonderland”. (I once tried to read “Anna Karenina” but gave up after a few pages.)

  • Mrs. S., glad you like this.

    I’m still waiting for someone who is a Eudora Welty or Flannery O’Connor fan. Or Aaron Appelfeld! I stuck Harry Potter in when I took the photo; it was a little bit of a cheat.

  • wow, amazing how clear and big those shelf pictures are.

    I’ve only read Alice In Wonderland from all the books shown.

    I see you have a lot from the same author.
    Have you sewn skirts?

    • Yes, I made a skirt for my daughter. I started making a skirt for myself, but got busy with work. And the Rag Shop closed. Sigh.

      My mother-in-law just sewed matching dresses for my daughter and her doll, which they plan to wear on Purim. I sewed on matching trim on the dresses. I’m sort of an advanced beginner when it comes to sewing.

      • Sounds like an artsy thing to be able to sew, another great talent. That’s nice you made a skirt for your daughter.

        That’s really cute that your daughter has a matching dress with her doll that she’s going to wear for purim. Nice that you all worked on it, I can imagine such a dress like that would have sentimental value, that she would keep.

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