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You are probably thinking, summer? It’s not even spring yet, Leora. Well, we just got a catalog of summer programs for kids, and I printed the Rutgers Zimmerli art programs, too (not yet on the web; I got them via email).

My daughter wants to go to theatre camp; they start them going into first grade, and she’ll already be going into second. I told her they would not have hot lunches there, and she would have to bring her own lunch. She is very excited about the idea of theatre camp. She is not at all enthusiastic about going back to the camp at her school, which I find so convenient (and they serve her a kosher hot lunch every day). But she will have to go there part of the summer, in addition to the theatre camp. Her major problem with her camp is instructional swim. Tough, I said. She needs to learn to swim.

My middle son wants to sign up for a week of Video Art: Object Animation at the Zimmerli. I took a film animation class way back when I was going into 7th grade. Boy, has the technology changed since the 1970s!

Do they offer any creative programs for kids where you live? For adults? What would you like to do creatively, if you had the time?

6 thoughts on “Creative Summer Programs

  • You are probably thinking, summer? It’s not even spring yet, Leora.
    This made me smile. New olim are always surprised that Israelis don’t start thinking about the summer until June!

    If I had time, I would love to learn how to sew. My mother is an incredible seamstress BA”H – as were my grandmother A”H and my great-grandmother A”H – and we even brought a sewing machine with us when we made aliyah. Someday, I hope to learn how to use it so I can sew my own clothes…

  • Mrs. S.,

    Sewing is on my list, too. I’ve been talking to my daughter about the two of us learning how to sew little doll dresses.

    Unfortunately, the Rag Shop, an inexpensive fabric store that was nearby, closed, so I said, too complicated to teach myself sewing now. Not that there’s much time…nice that I can blog in between everything else!

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