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Welcome to Haveil Havalim, the weekly blog carnival of the Jewish blogosphere.

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs — a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It’s hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term ‘Haveil Havalim,’ which means “Vanity of Vanities,” is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other ‘excesses’ and realized that it was nothing but ‘hevel,’ or in English, ‘vanity.’

Mazel tov to blogger Hadassah Sabo on her wedding.

On Esser-Agaroth, there’s a waffle surprise for Jameel and Jack.

I have no idea what number this edition is: 203? 204? 205? 206?


Elections in Israel

Joel Katz has much to say on Religion and State in Israel – February 9, 2009 – Israel Elections and there’s a part 2 here.

Yisrael Medad wonders what are Netanyahu’s plans for the settlements?

Rickismom talks voting in Parents, Offspring, and Voting. Baila also shared about voting in Israel.

HaRav Aviner asks Who Won the Elections? CosmicX says the Rightists Won In Spite of What the Spinmasters Say.

Soccer Dad presents The Worst Paragraph in Post-Israeli Election Analysis (from his “favorite” newspaper, the Washington Post).

Anna talks about the Google Israel image:

In the South of Israel

Via Batya’s Shiloh Musings blog, Esther of Netivot writes the war isn’t over: Things that Go Bump in the Night.

Jameel says it was just another quiet Shabbat, other than “the 2 Kassams and mortar fired on Shabbat, the bomb near the Gaza security fence, and the Grad missile that just missed Kibbutz Yavneh.”

Politics and the Middle East

Zman Biur explains the real reasons Israel can’t play the violin: “If both sides were comprised of Western liberal academics …”

Yisrael Medad has comments on Shimon Peres’ comments on a two state solution.

Torah Study

This week’s Torah portion is Yitro, and the Velveteen Rabbi posts the deal, complete with audio and an introductory poem. Jewish Side learned from her teacher in a similar way to how Yitro learned from Moshe. Daniel Saunders also talks about Yitro.

A Simple Jew presents Question & Answer With Rabbi Tal Zwecker – Meditation & Avodas Hashem (adorned with a lovely, meditative painting by Avraham Loewenthal).

Tooyoungtoteach presents My Mama in which she compares Rochel to a PTA mother. HaRav Aviner talks about amount of children one should aim to have and knowing one’s abilities.

Child Ish Behavior teaches us The Making of a Gadol: Part I. The Real Shliach presents Kiss like you mean it.

Learn about all about Torah Scrolls.

Economic Needs

The Rebbetzin’s Husband writes: “It’s not that I feel people need the information on my fund, it’s that I want to promote the idea of having more such funds present this kind of report. In today’s economy, this is crucial.” Please learn about his Benevolent Fund.

A note on how I got the name for this edition: there may be lots to read here, but unlike the stimulus bill in the U.S. Congress, it is humanly possible to do so.

Jewish Holidays and Special Occasions


Batya saw some fun sights in downtown Jerusalem on Tu B’Shvat. Yisrael Medad is getting into the Purim spirit with some fun t-shirts. After watching a neighbor’s fire, ImaBima has green ideas for Tu B’Shvat. JewWishes shares beautiful photographs and writes about Tu B’Shvat.

Trip n Mommy posts about a special bar-mitzvah of her nephew.

Visit Mottel’s intriguing photo essay of a wedding.


How many of you read Olameinu as kids? Do your kids read it now? And how do you raise your hand in school? Check out Mrs. S’s post on the subject. Compugraphd also talks Olameinu, but it’s to discuss the “Our Heroes are Perfect” syndrome.

rickismom presents The Obituary – What Constitutes our Remembrances? and reminisces about her Dad. Paying a shiva call is an art that some people have not learned.

Elder of Ziyon talks American Jewish History and presents Abraham Lincoln and the Jews.

Yechezkel reminisces about Menahem Begin.

On the Environment

Mother in Israel posted Environmental Dissidence at her new location: http://amotherinisrael.com/. She writes: “I’d appreciate it if bloggers could update their blogrolls. Readers who subscribe through RSS or email need to resubscribe. Thanks!”

On Aliyah


Batya interviewed a famous blogger as he came on Aliyah.

Dan talks about his dreams in making Aliyah.


The I’m Not Sure Where to Put These Category

CosmicX posts about the Sick American Jew and the Healthy American Jew.

Judeopundit wrote MPAC-UK on Satanic anniversaries.

Ilana-Davita writes A Heart for Peace, about Palestinian children treated at Hadassah Hospital.


SuperRaizy talks about the Pope Denouncing Anti-Semitism.

Daled Amos talks about the differences between Islamophobia and anti-semitism, and Gail asked How Bad is Anti-Semitism in Europe?

Humor, Films and Entertainment

Enjoy Ellison’s jokes.

My son (he’s 12) made a funny time travel movie.

A Rebbetzin’s Husband talks about what’s important to our government (the U.S) in this difficult economic times (does this belong under humor? I try to laugh instead of crying).

Benji is coming on tour to the U.S.

Jack has a Bad Day Immortalized Forever.

FrumSatire asks What is the Most Expensive Date You Ever Went On?

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