ImaBima Hosts HH

Sit Down and Enjoy The Posts in Haveil Havalim
Sit Down and Enjoy The Posts in Haveil Havalim
Phyllis at Ima on and off the Bima does (again!) a fabulous job of hosting Haveil Havalim (no edition number here because some argue about the numbers 203? 202? And why does it matter? Because Jews love a good argument).

Some great posts I read on this edition:

She (Rabbi Phyllis) reminds us that Tu B’Shevat is coming (Monday, February 9), so think about a green entry for this coming week. I’m thinking of a collage of tree photo thumbnails…

2 thoughts on “ImaBima Hosts HH

  • thanks for the link. i actually came late to the numbers debate so i’m just going with the flow… you know WHY there is a dispute?! i have no clue. i liked both of those posts too.

    my favorite part of hosting hh is that i can read the posts throughout the week instead of having to feel like i’m catching up on sunday:-)

  • Phyllis, Ben-Yehuda of Esser Agaroth brings this up with Jack every time someone hosts HH for about the past ten editions. I just read; I’m not a numbers, count each one type. I enjoy fun conflict, as opposed to the nasty, in-your-face, make-the-other-person-feel-like-crud type.

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