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Enjoy this film about time travel “In Between Times” written and directed by my middle son. Michelle Reasso, the fabulous teen librarian at the Highland Park Public Library, put this up last night (and she will be putting up the other films that were part of the Library’s teen film festival, too). Michelle has a major role in the movie as Miss Puffin the librarian. The main character is played by two different teenage girls, because the first one had midterms and couldn’t continue to show up on Sunday afternoons.

15 thoughts on “Time Travel Flick

  • About two years ago my older son discovered that our Canon Power Shot (my previous camera) does video. And my older son took a video course at the Zimmerli, at Rutgers. My middle son got really, really interested in video. Michelle started the teen film club last year (she let him in even though he was only 11). My middle son is so into this. And Michelle loves doing the film club; she learns with the teens. Actually, they learn faster…

    Yes, if/when I get my sepia post done today, I’ll link down to his movie.

  • It seems the topic of the power for the laptop was raised by the director, but the producer felt no one would notice. Obviously, she has not met the astute readers of my blog.

  • Wow! What a great sense of imagination. That’s a really cute story. I liked the choice of soundtrack and sepia effects. It’s fun as a resident seeing local HP hot spots!
    Has Michelle considered an acting career?
    Kudos to the talented young director/writer/film maker!

  • Jill, yes, if you live in Highland Park and you know the librarians, the movies are even funnier! I told Val she has a great future ahead of her acting in teen films. Most of what she said in the film she ad-libbed.

    I can’t wait until Michelle gets the Zombie movie up…

  • How clever!!

    I could not hear much of the dialogue! 🙁

    In the “past,” the sound completely disappeared (at least in silent film, they provided dialogue boxes!)

    I look forward to the next flick (with better sound)!

    Meanwhile, I am so impressed by the creativity!!!

  • RivkA,

    Thanks for taking out the time to listen. Sound was one of the greater challenges these new filmmakers found difficult. I’ll mention the idea of dialogue boxes. In the zombie movie (I hope Michelle gets that one online soon), they just did away with all the dialogue.

  • I was not suggesting that Michelle get rid of the sound. Aderaba, I wanted to hear the dialogue!

    I suggest:
    1. subtitles (that might be the easiest solution)
    2. dubbing the dialogue (i.e. adding it later, like the music was added)

  • How come I didn’t see your sons name on the credits?

    He must be very talented to write/direct these films. Now I understand it was done through the library so that makes sense why it was filmed in there.

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