Unfriendly Neighborhoods

I feel fortunate: I live in a great area. Many Jews (and other ethnic groups) have reported great difficulties in their areas. Trouble spots include Yemen, Mumbai, and most recently, Venezuela.

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  • I dunno. Jews have been hated in places where they haven’t lived, just because the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are widespread.

    I had a friend in college from Iceland. She knew everyone in the city who was her age. I wonder where she is or what happened to her. (She wasn’t Jewish).

  • Dear Leora,
    I am sad to learn about anti-Jewish behavior in Iceland. Espeially since my husband is 3/4 Icelandic (born in Norway though, and he also guess he might be 1/16 part Jewish).
    I have to apologize on behalf of the Icelanders.
    If you read the hold picture, you’ll see there has been violent demonstrations in Reykjavik for almost a month.
    The county has gone bankrupt due to lousy bank laws, wild speculations and a weak prime minister.
    He just resigned last week after wild riots.
    I think antisemitism is erupting under turbulent circumstances.
    Awful as it is.
    Historic fact is that when the Jews were forbidden to stay in the state of Norway/Denmark until 160 years ago, the little satellite state of Iceland was a free haven of Jews in the far north.
    In our small and secluded corner of the earth in Haugesund the discussion about the Gaza strip has run high for a month now. Very unethical historical arguments have been used from the “Palestinian Side”.
    Greatest tragedy is that people who forget the history are so easily misled and manipulated.
    I am not proud of Norway’s part in this conflict either, even if it is not anti Jewish.
    One good thing though; many Norwegian school classes go to visit Auschwitz in ninth grade. The children have to gather money for this excursion themselves. Just the other day the grandson of my friend was here doing his part to provide money for the tour.
    The rules are; nobody must be excluded for economical reasons, therefore the whole class has to work together to earn money.
    I think those children never will dispute the fact that Holocaust really happened.

    A few weeks ago I read that the English are removing the parts about Holocaust in their history books after pressure from the growing Islamic population.
    Brave New World.
    From Felisol

  • Felisol, I so greatly appreciate your comments. And your support. You are really living in the midst of this; we just read articles, feel distant.

  • All this stuff makes me feel like we’re headed back to the middle ages. Instead of being accused of killed Jesus, we are accused of being oppressors.

    May G-d keep Israel strong; that’s the huge difference between now and the middle-ages.

  • I have never seen the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in any European bookshop or library so I don’t think it is the reason for antisemitism in Iceland. It would be nice to have the opinion of an Icelander although I’m thankful to Felisol for providing insights.

  • Ilana-Davita, I don’t think it’s the actual book but the concept of the book that seems to be all over the world. Even in places that have no Jews.

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