Updating Portfolio Page

When one works as a web designer, no one pays you to update your own pages. However, it is recommended to spend as much time and energy on one’s own site as a client’s.
Here’s how my portfolio page looks now, after I gave it a face lift and warmed and lightened it up. Through Twitter, I have been connecting with many web designers and finding design articles; some of them give such inspiration! (Others remind me: “don’t do that!”). So I took out a bit of time to redo my portfolio page and my services page.

Here’s how my portfolio page used to look. Some of the code was from about 2001, and if you know the web, that’s ancient. I cleaned it up. Now it will be easier to tweak the pages and make slight changes to the design.

I plan to talk about How to Plan Your Website in a future post. Stay tuned!

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