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A few updates on my blog:

1) Author’s Comments: If you look on posts where I have commented, you may notice that my posts now appear in a yellowish-orange color. This is a new feature of WordPress 2.7, although you have to be comfortable enough with CSS (the style sheet) to do a bit of adding a style.

I added this:

ol#commentlist li.comment-author-Leora {

/* CSS styles for author comments */


The key part is that background color. At first I tried a darker gray. Too hard to read. Then I tried pale pink and pale lavender. Easier to read, but blaring. The current one will stay for now, unless I feel like playing with colors some more.

2. If you use the Search box on the right column, you will now get links (with some details) on all the posts containing the keyword you use. Try it! (you used to get the actual posts, but then you would have to scroll down and down to see the other posts).

Also, now that Mother in Israel has her own WordPress blog, she can also have fun with plugins, widgets, and code. I noticed she has a plugin allowing readers to edit comments for five minutes after they submit their comment. Is this the plugin she is using:

In any case, you can visit her, leave a comment, and see if you like the extra editing ability.

12 thoughts on “Word Press Goodies

  • In any case, you can visit her, leave a comment, and see if you like the extra editing ability.
    I find it a great feature, especially for a quick typer like me who only notices mistakes after having clicked on “submit comment”.

    • I tried the plugin, then had to de-activate it, because it was reformatting my comments. It would take too much more playing with the code to get that one to work, too. So no five minute editor, sorry.

  • Yes, that is the plugin I have. I tried to activate the subscribe to comments feature that you requested (that I recall requesting on your blog way back when!). I can’t tell if it is working or not. Now I don’t see such an option on your comments section.

  • Mother in Israel, thanks for noting that Subscribe to Comments isn’t working now. Sometimes when you fix one thing (like I changed the author comment look) you break something else. Makes you pretty careful about adding something new. I’ll play with it, see if anyone else has problems… (maybe it wasn’t updated for 2.7? Or my adding the new comment code made the old comment code stop working?)

  • My Subscribe to Comments no longer works in Word Press 2.7.

    I requested an RSS feed for comments. That’s different. You just need to add a line for a comment feed to your header.

    Mine looks like this:
    <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”Comments RSS 2.0″ href=”https://www.leoraw.com/blog/comments/feed/” />

  • I got the Subscribe to Comments to work in 2.7 by deleting the old one (not sure if this was necessary, but I tried this first) and reinstalling. Then I changed the comments.php to the one used by the Classic Theme. This is a problem with using someone else’s theme; it doesn’t get updated when WordPress gets updated.

    Comment on this comment: should have used the Default Theme. The Classic Theme has “classic” comments, too, not the new ones with nested comments. Well, now I’m an “expert” on the nested comment code.

  • I am being dense. OK…if you want to write your own code you can use wordpress to do it. But this is different from the wordpress that I use that is more limited. I would love to be able to do more, but I don’t do code….Michelle

  • Michelle, no, you are not being dense! This is written for those of us who host our own WordPress installations. Of my regular readers, that’s me and Mom in Israel. Two. So for the rest of you wonderful folks, it’s more of a glance at how my blog might slightly change in appearance due to upgrades.

    Actually, I think Ilana-Davita said you could pay something to wordpress.com to be able to edit your CSS file. But as you say, if you don’t like code, don’t bother!

  • I noticed that too, that she added the editing of comments ability for a few minutes after the comment goes up.

    And I think the colors you chose now are perfect, the orange seems to fit with you.

    And I noticed for blogspot blogs you can add the intense debate comment thing, to make it look sorta like this. But for now I think I’m just gonna stick with the regular blogger look of comments.

    But I can imagine it being so much fun to play around with these things.

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