It Will Be OK

The Hebrew way to say “it will be okay” is: Y’heeyeh b’seder. I’ll bet you didn’t know that one little expression like that could be so funny, but Benji Lovitt has a way with words. Visit his post of Haveil Havalim, the blog carnival of Jewish bloggers, and you can learn how even a bank in Israel can calm you down with that expression.

Thanks, Benji, for including my post on Parsha on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “It Will Be OK

  • You are better than me on this week’s HH. I left Benji a thank you note comment, then a few hours later I put up this post. I’ve been visiting flowers…there’s only so many memes and blog carnivals one can deal with at a time.

    Wondering what you found most interesting?

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