Parsha on Twitter

twitter_birdI just tweeted my first #Torah tweet:

"#Torah for artists: a screen of turquoise, purple and scarlet wool (what colors!) and twisted linen, work of embroiderer (Exodus 36:37)"

Want to see all the recent #Torah tweets? Go to and type in #Torah. Enjoy! (and it’s even easier to access if you use TweetDeck and dedicate a search column to #Torah).

Want to read more about #Torah? Read Rabbi Shai’s post on the JPS site.

If you want to learn more about Judaism via Twitter, the best Twitterer to follow is JewishTweets. You will not be disappointed! If you look at all the folks following or being followed by JewishTweets, you can find many other Jewish twits I mean Tweeps.

4 thoughts on “Parsha on Twitter

  • I must be old-fashioned but I much prefer you traditional parshah posts.
    Reading what people have to say on search.twitter isn’t very easy. Where does one thread start? Where does it end?To me, it’s like the new FB confusing.
    Sorry if this sounds rude; I still have sinusitis and can’t think straight so this is maybe why it is so perplexing.

  • That’s OK (stating your opinion!). I’ll try to do an old-fashioned one in the future. I guess I like the poetry of only 140 characters.

    I hope you feel better soon. Maybe try cutting out all dairy, white flour, white sugar? Lots of hot water with variety of veggies food. Klara’s macrobiotic group has great healing tips.

  • Recently I was reading somewhere that there’s a site to help you try to type what you want to say in 140 characters or less, and it encourages this method in e-mails too, so that you stay on top of it, and don’t send out too long of messages.

    I remember you told me about the #Torah tag, gonna try it out this week.

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