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In honor of Diana Hakakian, Chiropractor

twitter_birdAs a follow-up to my post on Twitter for Local Business, here are some ideas on how a chiropractor can use Twitter to connect with potential new clients.

Step One: Sign up and pick a username. It can just be your first or last name with an initial, or you can choose an alias like this one: DrMommy. As you are working at present yourself as a health professional, you will want to add a photograph of yourself, to show you are a real person. You can poke around on Twitter to see what others are using to get some ideas. You can change the user pic easily later, if you like.

Step Two: Add a few sentences to your bio on Twitter. This is important. Why should people follow you back? You need to provide them some kind of idea of who you are and of your interests. If you have a professional blog, website, page on LinkedIn or Facebook, add the URL.

Step Three: Write your first tweet. Tweets must be 140 characters or less. An example:

“I am so glad I have been able to help my new client with her back pain after her accident.”

You can even phrase it as a question:

How can find others on Twitter who might need chiropractic services?”


“I’m a newbie on Twitter, but I’m not new to health services. I know a lot about” (fill in with x y and z).

Step Four: Write a tweet with a link to an article. It can be any article, but why not choose one that will show your knowledge of your health profession? To write a tweet with a link to an article, first put in the title of the article. That will help get others attention. Then paste in the URL. If your tweet is now more than 140 characters, and your Twitter application does not automatically shorten it, you can use a URL-shortening service to get a shorter URL.

Step Five: Find others to follow. If you already have a few friends on Twitter, follow them (and ask them to follow you back). That way when you click on new followers, you have at least a few people following you already.

Here are some chiropractors that tweet:

Updated: Digital Chiropractor (digitalchiro) trains chiropractors on how to use social media as a marketing tool for their practices.

For learning more about Twitter, I highly recommend following clydeboom.

Step Six: Follow people in your area. Chiropractors need to have clients that are in their own geographical area. Here are some tools to help you find local people:

You can also look in for Twitter users in your area. I am listed in the New Jersey section (search for newjersey).

Step Seven: Talk to the people you have followed. You can reply (@username) to their tweets. Or you can RT (re-Tweet) what someone said. Retweeting is an excellent way to show you enjoyed what the person had to say, and you want to pass the valuable information or inspirational thought unto others. I often reTweet good articles.

Step Eight: Learn how to search. Twitter is a great tool for research on anything current. You can try searching for ‘health’ or ‘back pain’ or ‘chiropractic’ or any other keyword. Some search tools:

Question: Do you need to have a blog to go on Twitter?
Answer: No. However, the more web presence you have, the more professional you will appear to potential clients. LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs on or on Blogger are all free ways one can market oneself. A professional website or a professional blog can be aides in marketing your services to these potential clients.

Want to learn more?

If anyone has more ideas about how a health professional can use Twitter to reach potential clients and market their business, please feel free to leave a comment. Questions are also most welcome.

14 thoughts on “Twitter for Chiropractors and other Health Professionals

    • Yes, it’s amazing to read the Tweets from Europe and Israel in the morning. Then by later in the evening the West Coast is going strong. I don’t know when the Australians are tweeting in relation to us.

  • Leora,

    Thank you for a wonderful post!

    Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds. And, it is a tremendous tool to use for communication. However, the majority of chiropractors simply don’t even utilize the main tool of social media which is a blog.

    According to a recent study by Richard Telofski, Principal Consultant of a New Jersey based social media research company, Kahuna Content, says,

    “American chiropractors should be jumping en masse into the blog marketing pool, but most won’t even get their feet wet. How do we know this? Because less than one percent of American chiropractors blog and, of those that do, over one-third of chiropractor blogs are inactive and look like sad puppy dogs abandoned by the side of the road. Unfortunately, blogging as a marketing tool is not regarded seriously by America’s chiropractors. In fact, their absence from blogging is just downright astounding.”

    It’s astounding because there is a high correlation between the average blog reader and the average chiropractic patient. According to industry statistics, males between the ages of 31 and 50 comprise a high percentage of chiropractic patients and an even higher percentage of blog readers.

    Telofski goes on to state, “If this isn’t a perfect demographic alignment between a marketing medium and its target audience, then I don’t know what is. It could be the perfect tool, or the perfect “chiropractic assistant’, yet the opportunity is squandered by America’s chiropractors.”

    So, the first step is to get chiropractors to understand the importance of blogging as the hub to all of their online marketing endeavors.

    Once the blog is setup, then they can effectively use other forms of social media like Twitter to build quality relationships. From there, quality relationships will build trust and trust will build business.

    Again, thanks for a great post and for getting the message out to the chiropractic profession.

    • Dr. McNamara, maybe chiropractors are more comfortable being “treaters” and not writers? Many of us bloggers express ourselves comfortable via the written word, but that isn’t true for others.

      Thanks for sharing this comment.

      • Leora,

        I’d agree with you there but their posts could be outsourced or written by their CA. The cost to host and manage a blog is pennies on the dollar compared to other marketing strategies which could be a significant boost to their ROI.

        Thanks again!

  • Hey Leora. This is DrDavayneDC. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog. I really appreciate it.

    Also, I would like to add for all the other chiropractors out there, try following @thespecific and @matthewloop to learn how to use social media as a marketing tool. I am now getting new patients off of Facebook and Twitter and it’s all FREE! These are two wonderful tools for Chiropractors.

    Once again…thank you so much for the recognition.

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