Twitter for Local Business?

Raritan Avenue last fall, near PJ's Coffee where BNCJ meets
Raritan Avenue last fall, near PJ's Coffee where BNCJ meets

On Tuesday I attended my first meeting of a local networking group, BNCJ. I found the other attendees friendly and informative, and I look forward to joining the organization. There was a lawyer, a home inspector, a contractor, a travel agent, a financial services representative and an stock broker. And me, the web designer! Or web builder, as I sometimes call it. Design is only a small part.

At one point I mentioned Twitter, and some of other people had never heard of it. “Twitter? Is that like Facebook?” Actually, it’s much easier to use, I responded. Instead of connecting with people you already know, it’s easy to meet new people. I cautioned them not to use Twitter for direct sales (you will get unfollowed fast if you are too pushy). The people I follow want to have intelligent discussions on a variety of topics.

Yesterday I posed the following question on Twitter:

"Question: can local biz (ex. contractor, plumber, doc, even hair dresser) use Twitter to grow biz? Thoughts?"

Shimon responded: “answer (IMO): yes if they have tips and promotions (like make up tips for women or computer coupons). Women oriented should b better”

liajen (aka Jennifer Fong) responded: “I believe it can. You just build your targeted niche through local searches (such as with twellow) & build relationships.”

What do you think? How can a local business use Twitter?

6 thoughts on “Twitter for Local Business?

  • Thanks for commenting, Ilana-Davita.

    I think for some Twitter might just be in their skill strength. I’m thinking of say, an excellent craftsperson who can rebuild your front steps but always had trouble with spelling. It may not be for everyone.

  • Hi Leora,
    There are so many exciting ways that Twitter can be used to build a local business following. And I don’t think Direct Sellers are excluded from the mix. They just need to use the tools appropriately…that’s what I blog about. By using tools such as Twellow ( you can perform simple, targeted searches that enable you to find people in your geographic area who have an interest in the services you provide. None of social media is an IMMEDIATE sale, and people do need to keep that in mind. But if you’re willing to invest the time to build relationships, you can slowly build a loyal following for your business.


    • Thanks, Jennifer, I really value your opinion! I think it’s working toward building up the relationships that will help businesspeople.

  • B”H

    So how do you use twitter to grow your business if it’s on-line, accessible from anywhere in the world (pretty much) and you want to attract people to buy your products?????


    • Hi, Debbie. In some ways, if your business can be accessed from anywhere, you have a lot more competition than say, a plumber, who only has to compete with other local plumbers.

      Is your product something people need? It’s easier to sell something that has a high demand and a low supply. In any case, if it is something some people need, you need to work on building relationships with those people.

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