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twitter9One would think Twitter is all the rage. In the Twitterworld it is, but for some who prefer statements, articles or posts that are longer than 140 characters, you may never delve into the Tweet, Re-Tweet, @reply adventure of Twitter.

Quiz: What is the Fail Whale?

Here’s a collection of links that may tempt to you to Tweet:

If anyone wants a Twitter background, you can either follow this steps:
 Twitter Background Design How To and Best Practices
Or you can contact Chris Spooner. Or you can try me, I’d love to design a custom profile page background for you!

Coming soon: Twitter for Chiropractors and other Health Professionals
Any ideas on how to use social media like Twitter to expand a local health business?

In my head: How to Use Twitter for Research on Current Topics
Feel free to throw some possible research topics my way to use in this post.

11 thoughts on “Twitter Twitter Twitter

    • Maybe in the summer you can play with your background. They were having problems with uploading images last week. So when I last tried it was frustrating, because it wasn’t saving my new background, and it was deleting the old one.

    • I am most certainly interested! It takes some time to get used to it. My suggestions is you reply to other people’s tweets. Today Graham and I tweeted back and forth about organic gardening, herbs and local farmer markets.

      The trick is to find others that share your interests. Then you will get more motivated.

  • I’m still confused about how exactly Twitter would be useful in my life. Is it just one more thing to get addicted to? Do I need to be on my computer ALL the time? But I’m glad to look through the links to see if there is any benefit for me personally to tweet.

    • Baila, I was talking to a friend who works as an administrator in a research institution. She has a high stress, busy job. She tried Twitter, but she realized it wasn’t for her. It works better for business people (like me) or people who work at home (like me) or stay-at-home moms (like me) or freelancers (like me) or people who love meeting new people that live nearby (me) or people who want to learn more about design (me) or connect with other techies (me).

      If you want to research some topic, Twitter can be useful.

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