WordPress Links, Duplicate Comments Problem

wordpress_wFirst, WordPress was featured in Twitter’s #themethursday. There is an enormous list of WordPress links on Grace Smith’s blog.

One issue I discovered with the recent commenting features of WordPress 2.7 (and they are a lot of fun, as I played with nested comments and added a bit of graphics to comments) is that the comments page may cause Google (or another search engine) to penalize you for two posts with the same title tag:

The above image is taken from Google Webmasters, and it shows that my seaweed post has duplicate title tags. Not appreciated.

So, what to do?

Here’s a post with a possible solution:
WordPress 2.7 Comments pages – Duplicate content issue and solution
One of the first things I learned was you can go to WordPress > Discussion Area and uncheck the setting about breaking up comments. As this doesn’t seem to completely solve the problem, he suggests a plugin that will add a “canonical” tag to each of your posts, so the search engine will now which is the “important” version of the post. As I just applied this last night, I will check Google Webmasters in about a week to see if it helped.

Do you need to be concerned about this if you use WordPress? Only if you want to maximize SEO, Search Engine Optimization. And what is SEO? Stay tuned to this blog for a post on SEO, later this week.

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