A Child of Survivors Writes

Klara is a full-grown woman, not a child any more. But her emotions spoke loud and clear on her Yahoo Group, and she gave me permission to reprint her comments on Holocaust Memorial Day here on my blog:

I don’t know why almost every year when the siren goes off for Holocaust
Day, I find myself alone.

There was a year I made sure I wasn’t, but right after the siren, it was
very weird – everyone went straight back to doing business as usual.

I realize as a daughter of Holocaust survivors, I just can’t do that

I was named for my mother’s two sisters, Klara and Agnes, who were killed
in the war.

My brother was named after my mother’s brother, Yoseph, who was killed in
the war

There were many cousins I never knew who died in the war. Children who never
got to be born because so many lives were cut short.

I keep thinking how lucky and protected my life has been – but many others who

I wish I could talk to the dead.

Learn more about Holocaust Memorial Day – Yom HaShoa.

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