Today’s Flowers Visit Macy’s

Last Monday my daughter and I went to New York City. We visited the flower show at Macy’s. The above photo was taken by my daughter. I had to crop out the head of my friend, as my daughter includes anything in aim view in her compositions (she’s only 6).

There were three of these flowered flamingos at the show. I wonder how much money it costs Macy’s to put this on. They also had tour guides taking people around the room explaining all the various flowers. In a recession, won’t they get more lookers than buyers? Perhaps the marketing group likes a crowded store for making more sales.

I took one picture of the tulips outside Macy’s, which I actually preferred to the show inside but the rest of my party was hurrying me on, so I only got this one shot with an overexposed background:

Here’s a posterized version of the above flowers:

Lots of folks gawking at flowers:

How many can you name?

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