What is RT?

This post is a teaser. Please don’t tell if you already use Twitter. If you have tried Twitter out and found it confusing, then you are welcome to guess. So…

What is the meaning of RT?

Primetimeparent was interested in the talks we are giving at Three Libraries on Three Thursdays in Central New Jersey. Since she does not live in Central New Jersey, I thought I would give a taste of some of the talk in blog posts.

The first slide I put up was this:
Any guesses? What does the “R stand for? The “T”? Why would you want to include RT in a tweet?

FYI, I call this the hakarat hatov method of Twitter. Hakarat hatov means “recognition of the good”, and that is my first hint as to what “RT” means.

Coming soon: the handout of Twitter links and blog urls that I created to distribute at our social media talks. And I’ll include a link that gives even more reasons to understand and use RT.

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