Israel Day Parade 2009

We had a long day. Took over 400 photos at the annual Salute to Israel Day Parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City. The weather was beautiful, and in the slideshow, you can see: TABC, HANC, Ramaz, Frisch, Heschel, Yeshiva of Central Queens, and many more. (You can’t see any pics to RPRY, the school my middle son marched with, because they marched really early this year, and the rest of our family didn’t get there to see him. He didn’t seem to mind). Organizations and companies that marched included AMIT, Avi Chai Foundation, Yiddish Book Center, IDT, Jordache, and ShopRite.

The theme this year was Tel Aviv’s 100th Birthday. See if you can find the photo of Golda Meir. There’s a photo of the cop who stood in front of us; I appreciated all the New York City cops did today to keep everyone safe, and “our” cop was especially nice to the kids who wanted to see all that was going on.

Who was Alisa Flatow? Alisa Flatow was a 20-year-old college student from New Jersey who was murdered in a terrorist attack in 1995. More at the Alisa Flatow Fund. Her father, Stephen Flatow, has a blog: Terror Victims’ Voice – For those who cannot speak for themselves (hat tip: Soccer Dad).

Who is Gilad Shalit? Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier, was captured by Hamas terrorists in 2006. Read more about Gilad. At the parade, lots of organizations were giving out freebies. I discouraged my daughter from taking most of them, but I did encourage her to take a “Free Gilad Shalit” button. I was proud that she decided to wear it. Maybe later this week I’ll actually explain to her what the button was about.

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