Nature Notes: Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Sign, Poster, Map and Details
Sandy Hook Sign, Poster, Map and Details
Sandy Hook is a great place to view nature. See all my Sandy Hook posts.


Signage for a beach plum: it says it blooms in mid-May.

Are the bushes in the foreground the “beach plums”?

Here’s a detail of what I’m guessing is a beach plum shrub?

On Cape May Times you can see beach plums in full bloom. Cape May is far south of Sandy Hook, at the bottom of the Jersey Shore instead of the top, so blooms start earlier.

Love photographing beach rocks; the smoothness beckons. Do you take beach rock photos?

Lots of gulls.

Detail from the photo above of a gull.

Maybe next time we’ll get a chance to walk this nature trail?


7 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Sandy Hook

  • I would love to live near a beach maybe some day. I hope you will go back and take photo when plumes are in bloom. I will be coming back to look for it.

  • I would love to live near the ocean beach..but I don’t live that far from one of the Lake Erie beaches. I wouldn’t want to swim in it but I could certainly explore it..Thank you for the inspiration Leora…That is exactly what I had hoped Nature Notes would do….Sorry I am late getting around, my daughter is here….Michelle

    • Late? Late would be not reading it until next Weds. I like to hear from you, Michelle, whenever you are available.

      Enjoy your daughter’s visit.

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