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Last night I participated (a bit) in my first Tweet Chat. What’s a tweet chat? A group of people (Twitterers) decide to “meet” at a set time and use a hashtag (such as #sbbuzz) to connect. And chat.


What is #sbbuzz all about? First of all, that # sign in the front means it is a hashtag. You will see hashtags all over Twitter. Hashtags are a sign that this may be a topic of interest to others in the general Twittersphere. Anyone can create a hashtag. #sbbuzz stands for Small Business Buzz (and that link will take you to the sbbuzz blog). You can also follow sbbuzz on Twitter. #sbbuzz chats are held every Tuesday night, 8pm–10pm EST (I think that should be EDT now, but it says EST on the blog).

How did I find out about the Tweet Chat? Much thanks to NJinsuranceGirl for tweeting about #sbbuzz. I found NJinsuranceGirl (Kacy Campion Renna) because jerseybites recommended her on Friday for #followfriday (what’s #followfriday? That’s a whole ‘nother topic: go on Twitter on any Friday and you’ll see lots of these #followfriday tags that are suggesting people to follow on Twitter). I met jerseybites in person last February when I attended a TweetUp. Last night, when I was nowhere near my computer, NJinsuranceGirl sent me the following helpful link via Twitter: I got on late (at about 8:50 pm EDT, and they had started at 8 pm), and I spent the first ten minutes reading those instructions and trying to figure out the best way to access it all.

What was discussed at the #sbbuzz chat? The topic this week was Insiders Tips for Small Businesses on Twitter. sbbuzz tweeted these questions during the course of the two hour chat:

  • Q1. What advice would you give a small business owner brand new to Twitter?
  • Q2. What should businesses talk about? What are businesses doing on Twitter?
  • Q3. Any good resources for Twitter how-tos, reference guides, etiquettes, etc?
  • Q4. Is your local community (govt/academic/private) doing anything to promote entrepreneurship/small business? What is working?
  • Q5. How do you find time to stay involved, engaged and contributing to online and offline networks?
  • Q6. How many social media networks do you actively participate in? Do connections overlap? How do you keep track?

There was more, but you get the basic idea. I felt since I was new to the “party,” I mostly read what others had to say (and I picked a few to follow regularly), but I did tweet this in response to Q6: “Q6 Social Media networks: Twitter, my own blog, Facebook – I’m on LinkedIn, too; much overlap because of my own blog. #sbbuzz”

Want to know what people had to say? For a while, this will be available by going to and typing #sbbuzz. But if you are looking at this post on May 27 or later, you will see the #sbbuzz for that week. A summary is now posted at

Have you ever participated in a Tweet Chat? Used a hashtag in Twitter to follow a topic with others? How would you answer any of the above questions? What questions would you ask?

10 thoughts on “Twitter Chat #sbbuzz

  • Hi Leora – Thanks so much for jumping in on the #sbbuzz chat last night. Great to have you and so helpful to hear more about your experience with it here. Yes, we will be posting a summary of the chat in the next few days. Hope to see you back soon – the conversation just gets better as more people join in.

    Pamela O’Hara, co-founder, #sbbuzz

  • Glad you joined in the chat. I try to be there every week and usually learn a whole lot. It is a great springboard to information and new relationships.

    If Twitter is all about networking, then Twitter Chats are potentially the best way to build relationships with really interesting people.

    • Bradford,

      I am glad I joined in a bit last night! I felt like the new one at the party, but it was a welcoming group. I hope to check in again next Tuesday night. Now I have an idea of what to expect.

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I’ve been blogging for over a year, but blogging about business is new for me! I appreciate the feedback.

  • Hi Leora,

    Thanks for the mention here. Hashtags can be a lot of fun. Watching what’s trending on the sidelines and chiming in on occasion can gain you followers and its entertaining. I don’t use hashtags as much as I should because they eat up my 140 characters and I’m a chatty Kathy. 🙂
    Great post. I’ll have to join in next week’s #sbbuzz

    Deb Smith

    • Thanks for the comment, Deb. Sometimes hashtags can get overused or misused, too. One needs to use common sense with Twitter, or else one risks becoming Twitter spam.

    • Debbie, too bad on the timing! There’s a chat on Thurs. nites, #dcth (design community twitter hours)that doesn’t work for me because of the timing. 6-8 pm for me is major family time.

      But try talking with local business Tweeps; ask questions! People come on Twitter at all times of the day.

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