Summer Stock Parades & Traffic

Memorial Day in the U.S.A. is often a signal of the beginning of summer. What do you think of as a sign of summer’s start? I liked how this one marching girl from New Brunswick smiled at me as she passed us at the annual Memorial Day Parade in Highland Park.

I saw this photo of a kid with a big beach ball marching in the Israel Day Parade in New York City in honor of Tel Aviv, and I thought of Robin, who lives in Tel Aviv, and her summer stock meme. Another group had a sign that read “Life’s a Beach.” So is that what life is like in Tel Aviv, Robin?

Summer in New Jersey can also mean traffic. Here we are, stuck in traffic on the way to Sandy Hook. My son’s friend wanted to know why I was taking photos of traffic. My kids don’t ask; they know their mom.

So, is it all worth it? These folks on the beach seem to think so. Note: these beach photos were taken in April, on the first extra warm day of the year. Thankfully, the rest of the spring hasn’t been quite this warm.

For more summer fun, visit Robin’s Summer Stock Sunday.

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