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This was going to be an upbeat post. I am very excited to announce that Batya will be hosting the next JPIX edition, the summer review edition. But before I say more about JPIX, I would like to add a prayer for RivkA bat Tirzel (the “bat Tirzel” means she is the daughter of Tirzel; in Jewish tradition one prays for someone’s health with the mother’s name). You can read her post about her unexpected diagnosis. She is a strong woman and has blogged a lot about her cancer diagnosis, treatment and support group.

So if you want to participate in the September 8 edition of JPIX, the blog carnival of Jewish photobloggers, please submit your post using this form. Finally, if you are not a photoblogger but you have a great photo to submit, you can open an account on Flickr or some other free web photo showcase and submit the Flickr (or whatever platform you use) link. You can submit photos on any theme, but especially welcome are any that celebrate summer.

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