Twitter Time and Mr. Tweet

Using Mr. Tweet for Twitter Recommendations

If you go on Twitter on any Friday, you will be flooded with a lot of tweets that have a lot of @ characters in them and somewhere in the tweet will be a hashtag that looks like this: #FollowFriday or this: #ff. In Twitter, an @ character is placed before a username (for example, I am @leoraw) so the tweet will show up in that person’s “Mentions.” The idea of Follow Friday is that these are people that others recommend to follow. Problem is, you get too many all at once of these recommendations, and few tell you why in the world you should follow these people.

bkmacdaddyOne of my mentors on Twitter is a graphic and web designer in Tennessee named Brian McDaniel, better known on Twitter as bkmacdaddy. Last week Brian wrote a post about a service called Mr. Tweet, and I thought, YES, this is a much better alternative to the Follow Friday Flood. You can write a recommendation of someone on Twitter at any time, and Mr. Tweet records your recommendation and sends out a tweet for you of your recommendation on your Twitter stream.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will find me tweeting a lot of WordPress links, some CSS (cascading style sheets), some links related to New Jersey and a few to gardening, some Social Media articles (Twitter is an example of Social Media, as is blogging) and whatever else I find that my followers might enjoy.

I hope to recommend more through Mr. Tweet in the future.

Some Folks I Follow

I follow people on Twitter for all different reasons. It is always good to follow a few local people on Twitter, because with those you have a chance of meeting them face-to-face. Here are just a few folks I follow in the Edison Highland Park area:

janidhaval I met Dhaval Jani at the social media workshops I gave as part of a group last spring. I enjoy whenever he visits the photography posts on my blog, and last week he tweeted to me about ThemeHybrid, a framework for creating WordPress sites. So far, I like the way Thematic looks for my newest project. Here are some of Dhaval’s photos on Flickr.

gallerychaosJill Caporlingua is a Highland Park artist and also my children’s art teacher. She currently has some paintings on Highway Art Gallery, along with other artists who have posted images of original paintings, drawings, photography, or mixed media inspired by New Jersey scenic views, landscapes, seascapes, urbanscapes, destinations and landmarks. You can vote for your favorites to be displayed on a New Jersey highway. Please vote for “Traffic” – as of August 3, that painting has 677 votes and is on page 27 of the gallery.

haimtime Unlike Jill or Dhaval, I have never met Haim Cohen in person. His location claims to be King of Prussia, but I suspect he lives in Edison, New Jersey, especially since he is fan of Costco there. He teaches computer science, and he recently sent me a link to the site he did for his father’s Real Estate Appraisal business – nice, don’t you think?

I like to chat with other bloggers on Twitter, and here are just a few of my favorite blogger-tweeters (click on avatar to go to twitter page; click on the name to go to the blog):


NJ Playgrounds

Timing on Twitter

A popular time to be on Twitter seems to early in the morning Eastern Time – the Europeans and Israelis are awake, working away, and the Eastern Americans are arising and starting to focus on their day. Those in the Far East might be at the end of their day but still active on Twitter. An exception to this might be Monday mornings, which aren’t quite as busy in the Twitter world.

Another popular time seems to be around noon time on Fridays, Eastern Time. Maybe people are relaxing from their heavy work week and so engaging in 140 characters is a way to ease into the weekend? Follow Friday might have a good deal to do with this timing as well.

How do you use Twitter? Do you go on at certain times?

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For those of you who like my photos, I took many pictures at the Middlesex County Fair last night – Princess/Queen contest, amusement park rides, farm animals, baby chicks, balloons, and fireworks. Oh, and an almost full moon, too.

14 thoughts on “Twitter Time and Mr. Tweet

  • Thanks so much for referencing my post about Mr. Tweet! I’m glad it was helpful. And thank you for always interacting and being so kind and generous in the Twitter and blogging worlds.

  • Awfully nice of you to mention me – and thank you for the MrTweet, last week, too! I’m still reading up on that & thinking about using that instead of #ff. A little cumbersome to use on my phone, so I would have to do it from home. Very cool.

    You are awesome – I learn something new everyday!

  • I’ve used MrTweet for quite a while. I don’t use it very frequently, but every so often I browse its recommendations. It’s definitely better than when it first started.

    I still enjoy following friends’ #followfriday tweets, but I want people to post WHY you should follow – not just a whole list of names.

    • One of the advantages to #followfriday is that it SO easy to do, but on the other hand, that’s what contributes to the flood.

      Yes, I prefer the WHY follow, even if brief.

  • Thanks a lot for mentioning me:) I haven’t done much with web or pictures recently because of health and other issues but I am working on my website and I am planning to add more pictures and show what I have learned by following different people on twitter and other social networks…

    • Thanks for coming to those social media talks so we could connect; I always enjoy your comments on my blog. Best wishes for your health especially.

      • Thanks. I met good people at the meeting including you, Eva, Adam and Jessica. I am not in direct contact with them but I do get interesting info from them on twitter once in a while. And I also enjoy looking at your photos and also read some posts about Jewish culture, food, fun posts like guess the object and events…

  • Mr. Tweet is great, I’ve been using it for a while, I like how it tells me which of my other twitter followers recommend them, and who re tweeted their stuff. Then with e-mail notifications, twitter via topify is great, cause it shows me a list of previous tweets of the user, the % of links they share, the % of conversation they have, and the number of followers etc.

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