New Tech Blog About Websites for Small Business – Feedback Requested

Boring, no?  Needs Your Input to Proceed
Boring, no? Needs Your Input to Proceed

When I first started this blog, my goals were to achieve proficiency in WordPress and to have a place to display artwork. I feel I’ve achieved those goals and beyond — I’ve learned photography by participating in photo memes and connected with bloggers from around the planet.

Idea of a Blog Focusing on Websites for Small Business

As my freelance work building websites for small businesses and for organizations (example: Highland Park Public Library) has grown, I’ve craved a place where I can post tech and business information. And develop a community of others that share those interests. Gradually, I’ve made contact with others on Twitter that either do websites or work for small businesses that have this need. So I began: Not much there yet, huh?

Audience for New Websites for Small Biz blog

I plan to gear the new blog toward any of these readers:

  • Small business owners who need a website
  • Small business owners who want to improve their website
  • Technical people who work for small businesses or for organizations such as libraries, university departments, agencies
  • People who are thinking of setting up their own business or setting up a professional blog
  • Students who want to learn web design and/or development
  • Anyone curious about technical aspects of websites, WordPress or other web building systems

Topics for the new blog might be WordPress, Twitter, social media, Drupal, PHP, learning to code, hiring technical staff, networking, logo design, web security, navigation, CSS and more. Once the blog gets established, I plan to have guest posts or interviews, too.

What Feedback Can You Give?

I don’t like doing things by myself. So I am enlisting your help. Yes, you. I will have to develop this new blog gradually, as I have to keep my current clients (who keep sending me more work) satisfied and keep my family in order, too. I am aiming for January to make this “real.” Here are some topics and areas of the blog that will need your input:

  • Design – I’m going to need a great header and fitting layout. Topic for another post. Or 2 or 3. Options are many. Let’s have fun with the choices, shall we?
  • Logo – I started working on this.
  • Which WordPress tools to Use? Learn along with me.

If you want to visit some of my technical posts on this blog, see:
triangle2Web Building Posts
triangle2Twitter Posts

More posts on the new tech blog will appear on this blog – hopefully, one each week, but I’ll be happy with every other week as well. And fans of my current photo, artsy, friendly, exploratory style on this blog: have no fear – this current Here in HP blog will continue to be a creative outlet for all sorts of topics.

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