Klara’s Sukkah

Klara asked me to post her sukkah: here it is.

And here is Klara inside her sukkah. Klara lives outside of Jerusalem; it is unusual in Israel to have a wooden sukkah. Note the paper chain decorations; they would not last long in rainy New Jersey.

This is a lovely mural on her sukkah wall of Miriam HaNevia, Miriam the Prophetess, singing and dancing with other women.

Can anyone help give Klara instructions on how to upload images into a Blogger post? I think she would like to learn how to post images on her own blog, but she learns step-by-step. Instructions need to be clear and easy. Thanks.

18 thoughts on “Klara’s Sukkah

  • Very interesting even though I don’t know what a sukkah is or what they would be made of instead of wood. I do know that Miriam was Moses’ sister. 🙂

    I would love to go to Israel, so many interesting and wonderful things to see.

  • What a beautiful Sukkah, especially the murals.

    Posting an image to a blogger blog is very simple – in the “new post” screen just click on the picture icon (looks like a small picture). That opens up a window that looks like MyDocuments – from there, select the image you want to upload, choose whether you want small, medium or large, and press upload. Voila, done.

    PS Add the images first if possible, for some reason each time you add an image blogger sticks in all sorts of extra lines and then removes others, making your spacing go wacky. If you upload first you can then see what you’re doing and delete any extraneous lines.

  • Thanks, Robin. Maybe you’d like to come over one day – I learn much better thru real life example than through written instructions.

    Hmm, don’t know which photos you had – as the outside was the older version. I mentioned each year we (well my girls) update it, and now the outside has color and lots of embellishments. ah, those chain decorations – every year I battle my daughter to use last year’s, she refuses. And every year I ask, make something different. Maybe one year she’ll come up with something. We have a standing joke about Mirian and the women, sometimes we say this one looks like so and so, but mostly we say they all look like my daughter who drew them. And I’m not sure it’s true about the wooden sukkoth, I see plenty of them.

    Leora, you didn’t succeed in making me skinny :<(

  • forgot to mention, in the first photo in the background you can see the monument to all the soldiers who fell in battle here. Alot of the wars centered around capturing Jerusalem and since we’re off the Jerusalem/Tel Aviv highway, our location was crucial in the wars. Now this wonderful monument attracts alot of tourists, both from Israel and abroad, and when I hear them giving talks, it’s almost like they’re in my backyard. There’s a great panoramic view from up there, one day when I’ve mastered how to put photos on the computer, I’ll share it.

  • GORGEOUS sukkah! Thanks for sharing these shots.
    We once made one off of our patio with the deck supports from above providing readymade “pole sides” for decoration.

  • Beautiful sukkah.
    Concerning photos on a blog. I’d advise Klara to find a weblog editor (you can download them for free). It allows the blogger to write posts offline and insert pictures where one wants them to be and in the format that one chooses. One can also preview a post before posting it.
    Also download izoom which crops the photos for you.

  • Many thanks to all the compliments, but they all belong to my husband and our artistic daughter – I will pass on the blog to them – and RivkA, next year come join us :>)

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