Slalom Skier Joke

Berkshires 2009
Berkshires 2009 - brightened the original a bit so sky and snow are less gray

Introductory joke to my son’s bar-mitzvah speech:

In a slalom race there are twenty gates to ski through in the shortest time possible. There was once an orthodox Jew from Montreal who tried out, and made it into the winter Olympics. He had broken a couple world records in the past, and finally the race came. The Swiss skier finished in 38.7 seconds, the German in 37.8, the Italian in 38.1, and the French in 38.0. The Canadian yeshiva bocher went down, and the time ticked away. After a full five minutes, he finally came down, panting. “What took you so long?” his coach yelled. The Canadian answered angrily, “Now who’s the wise guy that put a mezuzah on each one of those gates?”

yeshiva = place of Jewish learning
bocher = young man
mezuzah = small scroll with words of Torah that must be placed in doorway of one’s home (it is customary to kiss a mezuzah as one walks by)

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Update: For more on the bar-mitzvah and on our rabbi (from whom my son “stole” the joke), please read Tales from HP4 on Larry’s blog.

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Haveil Havalim, the Jewish blog carnival hosted this week by the industrious Imabima, is now online.

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