Happy Thanksgiving with Deer

Oh, dear. Or should that be O Deer.

A few weeks ago my neighbor spotted some deer in another neighbor’s yard. I happened to have my camera with me, so I lucked out and got a photo. Now, I really must say this is actually unnatural, to have deer in the backyard. It’s not like we live on the edge of woods. When we first moved to our house a little over ten years ago, the deer frequented the streets near the railroad tracks, which made sense, as there is a fair amount of woods there. Last year the deer were brave enough to travel to our block at night and eat our tulips. But this year they are showing up in broad daylight! Either there is too much development in New Jersey or the deer just like hanging out in Highland Park/Edison backyards. Or both.

For some fabulous bird photos in New Jersey which I wish I had taken myself, visit Bill’s New Jersey Outdoors Late Autumn Feast post. Now, isn’t that gorgeous? At the end of the post, he’s looking for a tree ID. Is that a hawthorn? Does anyone know?

For more Nature Notes, visit Rambling Woods:

nature-note or Nature Notes

And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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