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A Jewish Holiday Meme via ImaBima

(who got it from Home-Shuler)

One menorah, or several? Hillel or Shammai? (just kidding about that part)
One per person, except for me (it does get awfully crowded on our menorah table). My husband and boys light oil; my daughter uses a variety of pretty candles. Sometimes one child follows Shammai by mistake.

Do you buy your children gifts for every night of Chanukah?
We try not to do gifts at all (gifts on Chanukah came about because of a non-Jewish holiday around the same time of year), but my daughter insists. And she wins. So she is the only one who gets gifts (though my sons got one gift per year when they were younger).

Do you and your spouse/partner or any other adults in your life exchange gifts?

Special family chanukah traditions?
We make latkes and sufganiyot. We like to have over another family one night and do a mini-party. We sing all the words to MaOz Tsur, and sometimes my husband gets the kids dancing in a circle after candle-lighting.

Latkes or sufganiyot? If latkes, sour cream or applesauce?

All of the above. I’ve taken to putting olive oil on a salad and calling that traditional; does the oil have to be heated at a high temperature so it produces free radicals in order to be in the Chanukah spirit?

Favorite chanukah book?
My daughter’s favorite is When Mindy Saved Hanukkah, by Eric Kimmel, about the small Klein family who live behind a shul. They have problems with a cat named Antiochus.

My favorite is Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat by Naomi Howland. Latke making gets a bit of out control…

Do you actually play dreidl? If so, what do you use for counters?
I like just spinning the dreidel without playing the game. I can spin them upside-down. My husband has the patience to play the actual game with pennies.

What relationship, if any, do you have with Christmas and all things Christmas-y?

On December 26, I think about sales. Sometimes I go online on December 25 looking for sales.

“If you’re reading, you’re tagged!” – I guess if you are reading and not Jewish, it might be hard to play along… but you can enjoy learning about our holiday. Chanukah starts on December 11th this year (phew…plenty of time. Though all I really need to do to prepare is buy a big bag of potatoes. And clear off our mail table, which we use for the chanukiot. Much easier than Passover).

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