Twitter Landing Page

The Page You Land on if You Arrive From Twitter
The Page You Land on if You Arrive From Twitter

I spent much of today putting a shopping cart online for a client. The site, which will feature some beautiful artistic works, won’t be public until February.

Above is a screenshot of my Twitter Landing Page – meaning, if you are on Twitter and you get to my profile, the link will take you to the above page. I worked on this a while back and wanted to show it off (you can click on the screenshot to see the page). The idea is I don’t know why someone is following me on Twitter; so if they want to know more about me, I’ve giving them 6 options (plus more in the menu) to travel to next. If you want to know more, you can read What is a Twitter Landing Page? In some ways, it’s an excuse to design another page. And to have yet another entrance page to a website.

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