Warning: Read Dragon Books

A Companion Post to the Dragon Photos Below

From The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C. S. Lewis:

…Eustace had read only the wrong books. They had a lot to say about exports and imports and governments and drains, but they were weak on dragons. That is why he was so puzzled at the surface on which he was lying.

So you should read some dragon books. In case you end up in dragon’s lair, like Eustace did.

4 thoughts on “Warning: Read Dragon Books

  • Ahhh, one of my very favorites.

    After watching the 2 Narnia movies Itai has just (finally!) decided to start reading the series himself. Hurray! Best of all, he’s reading the copies * I * was given as a gift at his age :). (Of course his dad did spend months reading the entire series to him when he was younger and he doesn’t remember any of it, but nevermind.)

    • My daughter and I are reading the books (I am reading to her). She was disappointed that we are now up to The Last Battle, which is the last in the series. I suggested the The Hobbit, but when she found out none of the main characters are female, the book got nixed.

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