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Last Friday RJ Flamingo (who blogs Flamingo Musings) described me (leoraw) on Twitter as: “nature-lover and WordPress maven.” I liked that description. I am in the Berkshires now on a ski vacation, and so I will be checking to see what you write on Thursday. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be busy skiing and then traveling home to New Jersey. I hope to post some Sky Watch pictures on Thursday; the skies are beautiful in the mountains here.

Here’s the experiment:
In the comments, use a few words to describe yourself or another blogger.
Or anyone else you know.

The idea is that as children we are often told to be humble (or some of us were), but as adults we need to learn the balance between tooting our own horns and being too loud about ourselves and thus arrogant. By describing your own positive attributes, you will then present your best face to the world. Or you can help someone else by describing what you see as some of their positive characteristics.

18 thoughts on “Describe Person Experiment

    • No, that’s fine – the post is more of an excuse to say hello. We are at Jiminy Peak – great skiing today, closed due to pouring rain and high winds yesterday.

      Is Flash skiing?

      • I don’t know what he’s doing. He’s been gone for three days (with his friend’s family) and has only called me once. (this issue to be addressed in a future post)
        Hope you’re having a good time.

  • I thought that was a pretty apt description, in the Twitter-sense, and while those words are certainly not the sum total of you, they’re how I’ve primarily gotten to know you. I’m not sure how I’d describe myself… It’s almost like someone trying to fix you up on a blind date: “She’s cute and has a great sense of humor.” 😀

    Thanks for the shout-out, Leora! Have a great vacation!

    • Take away “happy” and “unstoppable” and that’s more or less me. Maybe “determined” rather than “stubborn”.
      So in the end, it would be “Committed Jew, loyal, determined”.

      • Ilana-Davita, my description of you would be friendly, inquisitive, knowledge-seeking, ethical and caring.

        Too bad you don’t feel comfortable with the “happy” – for many years I couldn’t own that one, but sometimes my kids ‘give’ me that feeling.

    • Rachel, I like that description! Especially the good parts combined with unstoppable. You remind me of a determined train (the little engine that could?).

  • Leora – Here’s my description of you: creative, intelligent, generous, kind, and optimistic.

    I’m glad to hear that you had a nice vacation. Welcome back!

  • I had to come back to look at this interesting post again. I like RJ..she has my sense of humor.. Describe me…No, I will describe you. You are a warm, supportive person and I feel we have made a connection even though I think we have different views of many things… Ok..warm, intelligent and supportive… Me…I still can’t do it. Isn’t that awful? I think I am pretty smart, fairly funny and I try to do the right thing…Good post Leora.. I would had thoughtful to your description also because you really do ‘think’ about things..

    • Glad you are working on this … you are naturally gregarious, except when it comes to people who don’t get you at all (like some of your neighbors, perhaps). I do enjoy your subtle humor.

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