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Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's MagicOne of my favorite childhood books is Mrs. Piggle Wiggle’s Magic by Betty MacDonald. A chapter in the book is called I-Thought-You-Saiders-Cure. For example, Mrs. Anderson may have said “Hand me that ruler,” but Darsie hears “Bananas are cooler.” Mrs. Burbank says the arithmetic book “is on the table in the hall,” but Lindsay hears it’s “in the stable in a stall.” A mother tells her children to look at the fog rise, and they thought she was talking about the dog’s eyes.

Last week I made two mini faux pas where I rushed through reading online. In one case I misread a tweet on Twitter; in another I misread an email note. On Twitter I caught the misreading right away, and I tried to explain it to the other person, but I’m afraid the humor got lost (He wrote, I have time to write because my daughter is back in school, and I read, I have a hard time writing because my daughter learned to read in school). Hard to explain in 140 characters that at first I misread his tweet in a humorously wrong way. In the email the other person wrote Why should I comment. I read What should I comment. Two different lines! Note to self: slow down. Years ago I misread an email where I thought the person wrote “some idiot” and she had written “some idiot like me.” I should have waited to respond to that one!

Have you ever misread something and had it come back to haunt you?

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Haiti’s devastation due to the earthquake has been so much in the news. When one reads of the earthquake, it is hard not to feel sad and helpless. Sometimes reading about one person, even when the person dies tragically, can provide connection to the terrible news. Sometimes the one person might be a helper, who is doing some rescuing (Baila has information about donating to support the Israeli relief team in Haiti). Then after a while, you just can’t take more of the news, and you want to look at a beautiful flower of spring (Michelle has some information in her left column about donations that might help Haiti as well).

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Thanks to Jack for including my post Protect Children from Abuse in the latest Haveil Havalim, the blog carnival of the Jewish blogosphere.

9 thoughts on “I Thought I Read

  • I think we’ve all done that..at least I have. I am trying to think of that last one. It took place at the grocery store and I was looking at freshly baked bread. The paper wrapper was folder at the end and as I glanced, I saw lian bread and said to my friend, “I’ve never heard of lion bread”. She said, “It’s Italian bread”….duh me.. we had a good laugh….

    The tragedy in Haiti is overwhelming.

  • I forgot to say..thank you for noticing my crow photo. I was taken with the maple buds and they really were the point of the photo for me, but I didn’t know if others would see it. I didn’t realize how reddish they were in the middle of winter. And I have been playing with paint shop pro…Michelle

    • Thanks for the advice. Maybe my including the horrible tragedy in Haiti says to me, oh, what we worry about is nothing in comparison to their devastation…

      • Alternatively it could mean “because we are lucky not to be part of this terrible tragedy, we should be more cautious in our dealings with people as it is something we can afford while others can’t”. Just a thought.

      • And I was just thinking, we can feel lousy about Haiti, we can feel lousy if we misread something important, or we can read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, laugh, and feel human again.

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