Great Grandmother in Sepia

great grandmother in sepia
This is my great grandmother – my father’s mother’s mother. Her name was Feige, which means bird in Yiddish. The Hebrew version of the name would be Tzipora. Feige ran an inn somewhere in the Catskills or thereabouts.

I didn’t have to do anything to the coloring of the photo – it was already sepia.

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bench in sepia

33 thoughts on “Great Grandmother in Sepia

  • We are twinning today, Leora. I’ve posted a picture of my great great grandfather.

    What a sweet smile she has. I think she must have just read something that makes her quite happy.

  • She does have a sweet smile, Leora. What a nice photo keepsake to have. I don’t have any of my great-grandparents.

    That’s cool the photo was already in sepia.

    Hope you are doing OK with all the snow!

  • She looks like a proud woman, who is ready to provide nice accommodations for the visitor. She offers the viewer a small smile that evokes her sunny view of life. A wonderful capture that is explained so nicely by fact and your memories!

  • I really enjoy these old photos!

    It looks like she’s sitting on a low wall and holding a newspaper. Maybe she had a few minutes to spare in her busy day and decided to catch up on her reading? (Kind of like what we do now – but with blogs… 🙂 )

  • I love old photos, as you know. My great-grandmother also lived in the Catskills. They lived in Mountaindale which is near Monticello. Anyway I will have to put up some pics of her as well. Maybe next week!

  • Wonderful photo. I wish I had more photos from the past. One of my maternal uncles put about 300 on a CD but that’s only a small portion of the family.
    Your great grandmother looks very kind.

  • WoW! Your great grandmother! How amazing to have that photo. I’m gonna have to go through my grandmother’s old chest I inherited when she passed & pull out some of her old time shots!

  • A strong and mild looking woman, your great grandmother. Good memories are the best treasure.
    The Hebrew name Tzipora, I seem to remember it from the old Testament, but I have forgotten where.
    (My dad would have been a disappointed in me. He used to ask us questions about the names of Zelofad’s daughters e.t.c.)

  • dear leora, i was just at felisol’s and read your comment about those nurses who called your mom, the old woman and it made me feel your sadness and i feel sad too.
    i remember when i was just 18 that i worked in a senior hospital.
    there were several of us young girls that worked the 4:30-7:00 evening shift
    and i must say that at that age, we all loved the elderly folk..
    one time there was a really elderly lady of about ninety that lived there.
    she was blind and she was really really wrinkled and not pretty.
    it is funny that mrs. burton was the patient that we girls were most attracted too.
    before leaving our shift, and when all the work was done, we would all be gathered around her bed and just chatting like a flock of
    chirping birds.
    one day the lady stopped our talking and said, “girls, listen!” we never heard a thing but what she heard and then we finally did was a tap, tap, tap, coming down the hall and it grew louder and louder and when we looked at the withered face of that lady, we got surprised and surpisederd…the wrinkles seem to disappear, the blind eyes grew brighter and brighter and her whole face had a glow…the whole face was beautiful!
    and even MORE shinier, when a little elderly man walked into the room., his cane making a tap, tap, tap. on the shiny floor.
    the lady said, girls, here is my husband, my sweetheart!”
    well as you must of guessed, we chatting girls were silent then and our hearts were touched by the way that love was shining out of those two elderly love bird’s faces.
    we left…we thought that we were intruding.
    i will never forget that aged couple and that was 42 years ago!!
    now, leroa, your mom might of seemed like an old woman[i even hate using the world “old”]. to those nurses but i am telling you, even though she was ill, inside her precious body was a young heart!
    a young heart beating with memories and love!
    for sure and if your mom looked anything like your great gramma, she must of been a smiling gentle soul!
    from terry

    • My mother was certainly a tender soul. After her first operation, she wanted to write all the nurses thank you notes. We told her she needed to take care of herself and not worry about writing to the nurses.

  • Hello Leora! This is such a precious photograph! I was just going to ask if your grandmothers name was related to Zipporah, wife of Moses but I see you answered that in a reply above. I just finished reading Exodus and am almost at the end of Leviticus as I read through the Bible. Numbers up next…

    I have perused several of your posts and enjoyed visiting with you. I also visiting you ‘about me page’. We’re both Jersey Girls, one North, one South. Have you always lived here?

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your comment!
    Kindly, ldh
    ps I think the name Leora is beautiful!

    • “Have you always lived here?” – born in New York City, grew up in Boston area, moved to New Jersey 16 years ago when I got married.

      Thanks for commenting!

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