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wall at RVCC Raritan Valley Community College
wall mosaic detail at Raritan Valley Community College
If it’s a Sunday morning and my daughter wants to go on a trip, I often head over to Lucy Banta’s Twitter account njfamilymag. Every day she tweets activities in New Jersey, most for children but some for adults, too. This past Sunday I found out about a play called “If You Give a Pig a Pancake & Other Story Books” at Raritan Valley Community College Theater. So the daughter and I headed over to Raritan Valley Community College to watch the show. It was a lot of fun; I especially liked the dramatizations of How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and the Lily’s Big Day by Kevin Henkes.

Our main disappointment with the show, however, was that the actors did not come meet us outside the way we had experienced at the Forum Theater in Metuchen. RVCC also has strict rules about no photography during the show.

Teen Film Festival 2010 Sunday February 7 at 2 pmThis coming Sunday, however, I won’t be needing to check Lucy’s account; I’ll be heading over to the Highland Park Public Library to watch the annual Teen Film Festival. My son told me he wrote the script for one of the films and put together a short animation film as well. It’s my birthday that day, so come join me in the celebration!

I found out by reading Carl in Jerusalem that the National Museum of American Jewish History will be opening in November 2010 in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is only a little over an hour away from Highland Park by car, so we will aim to head to the new museum after it opens.

9 thoughts on “What To Do in New Jersey

  • That’s a wonderful mosaic. I used to enjoy going to plays with my daughter when she was growing up. Sounds like fun although too bad the actors didn’t come out afterwards. The museum trip sounds like fun.

    • It was a good show, even if we are more attached to the style of the Metuchen actors. Great to have so much children’s theater available.

  • Happy birthday from me too – I hope you have a lovely day. It sounds like a great day out – especially to see your son’s script come to life!

  • My husband and daughter worked on a similar mosaic on the community center building in Takoma Park, MD. Sounds like the kind of thing you and your daughter might enjoy if there is ever such a project in you neck of the woods.

      • Yes–an artist was brought in–and a group worked on this together and discussed design elements. The artist designed it after hearing from every one and then it was a community effort to make it, using his designs. If you are interested in bringing a project like this to HIghland Park, let me know and I’ll find out the artists info. He has done this all over, I believe. And it looks remarkably like your picture.

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