Racer Reaches Ruin Rui

Patrick, the racer in my son’s four part film series, reaches Ruin Rui in this final episode. To see episodes I, II, and III, visit YouTube. This was one of the films featured in the Highland Park Teen Film Festival in early February. He also wrote a film that was produced by an eighth grader (my son is a seventh grader) with various teen actors and one librarian actress, but it is not (yet) online.

I’ve been spending a lot of time uploading videos; last week I set up a video for a client on a site not yet public, and today I uploaded two teen films to the Highland Park Public Library Teen Film page (Ite’s Adventure and Baby Troubles). There are a lot of details with converting films to the proper web format then getting them online without errors, especially if they are large files, which films often are.

My son tells me in this final episode the bowling pins are attacking Patrick the racer, but in the end he prevails. The scene takes place right next to my herb garden, which is currently still covered in snow, but the snow is melting.

7 thoughts on “Racer Reaches Ruin Rui

  • Good work:) Congrats! Tips for stop motion – use tripod or steady camera in one position for at least a few frames/shots and just move the subject around till you want to change the camera angle or location… good work

    • Dhaval, he just got his own camcorder with tripod, so that will help him with future projects. (You say “you” – I just feed him, I don’t make the movies with him!).

      • Oh hehe sorry I have this real bad habit of saying you instead of “one” or “anyone”. I dint mean you as in yourself, I meant ‘the photographer’ 🙂

      • OK, so now I’ll just have to make one more “correction” – instead of photographer, try “movie producer.” I think he’d like that better. 🙂

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