Seder Favorites – Yours?

Bnei Yisrael leaving Egypt, parting of the sea
Leaving Egypt, drawing by my son won Honorable Mention 2006 Passover Art Contest

What is your favorite part of the seder?

Here are some choices (or tell your own):

  • Many of my family members love a good discussion. They like to bring up new ideas, relate it to what is going on in current events, tell a story of a great rabbi’s seder or a word of Torah they heard from their rabbi.
  • On Mimi’s post interviewing three women about Pesach, two said the songs are their favorite part.
  • Acting out parts of the seder story. My personal favorites are walking around the table with my daughter, pretending we are the Jews coming out of Egypt (Avadim Hayeenu – we were slaves). We also like tossing plastic frogs and cattle on the table as we recite the ten plagues.
  • The food. Either eating matza, which you may have not eaten for a month, or eating the bitter herbs or the parsley and potato dipped in salt water or the korach sandwich (my favorite food ritual) or the ritual egg. Or whatever is served for dinner.

If you are not Jewish and/or you have never been to a seder, I wonder what you think of all this. What would be your favorite part? Feel free to comment.

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