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Rabbi Phyllis posts Haveil Havalim #271: Catchy Title Goes Here. She writes:

By the way, this is one of the first times that I feel the need to post that I don’t necessarily (um, understatement?) agree with each post but I do try to include every post that is submitted. I feel very strongly that we don’t all have to agree with each other but it’s important to have a community that allows for all perspectives to be shared.

Well said. Though I catch myself wondering which one she doesn’t agree with and why?

And then I remember there’s a reason why I don’t enjoy writing about politics. Reading politics is a necessary evil of life, I am afraid.

6 thoughts on “Imabima hosts HH

    • I could ask directly. But that would be too forward. Then I would actually have to read the answer. Ah, the pleasures of avoiding conflict.

  • LOL there was a new poster who wrote some really heavy-duty satire (at least, I’m pretty sure it was meant that way) that made me cringe….there are always posts from all sides of the Israeli political spectrum and sometimes they make me cringe too….but I totally respect their right to say them, and I do believe on some level that smushing all of our posts together into one HH helps us to remain a community. If you don’t like a post, I know you’re free to click away. I just felt weird linking to some things that I never would have normally linked to…it’s almost always entirely about politics.

    Remember, tho, I’m also a pretty liberal Jew so I’m sure there have been some religious posts that have bothered me. But that actually never caused me discomfort linking….I’m happy that I can read those posts and disagree – for some reason, politics make me crazier…

  • Oh Leora, I feel the same way about politics. And I had the same question after clicking over to HH. How nice to be part of a community on this huge internet that’s small and friendly enough to get a back-and-forth! Phyllis, I like seeing all those opinions smushed together for the same reason. I am often afraid that we’ll break apart as a people and it gives me hope.

    • I hope we have the courage to listen to each other. I really respect people who can listen – like how Rabbi David Nesenoff listened to Helen Thomas, then realized he needed to rethink how he viewed the world. I really had respect for him and his commentary (viewable in some video, somewhere…)

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