Snapdragon, Artist Block and WordPress 3.0

snapdragon with painterly background
I am crazy about snapdragons, so don’t be surprised if every now and then a snapdragon (click to see all snaps) appears on this blog. I really liked the painterly background of this shot. I might have used it for Ruby Tuesday if it weren’t already close to Wednesday.

So, anyone out there using WordPress 3.0 now? So far I’ve updated 5 blogs to WordPress 3.0, and everything went very smoothly. Looking forward to trying out the new default WordPress theme.

I’ve wanted to paint a watercolor, but 1) I’ve been busy like crazy, with work, with family, and unfortunately a young friend needs to have surgery tomorrow. We expect it will go smoothly. And 2) I need inspiration. I am inspired to photograph nature, but not to paint it right now. I like painting Jewish holiday subjects. The next important day on the Jewish calendar is the 17th of Tammuz, which is a fast day when Jerusalem was surrounded many, many years ago. Hmm. Yes, artist block is sort of (or exactly) like writer’s block. I don’t seem to have writer’s block. Probably because on a blog one has permission to ramble. At least on this blog I give myself permission to do so.

So in terms of why I have artist’s block, it’s really more 2) than 1). If I were really motivated, I would be staying up all night working on a watercolor. Or at least spending five minutes on a watercolor.

5 thoughts on “Snapdragon, Artist Block and WordPress 3.0

  • I too love snapdragons. I think this is because they remind of a fantastic garden I had command of when I was a little girl. We lived on the 1st and 2nd floor of a Victorian house and the garden really belonged to the old couple who lived on the ground floor, but they were too old to look after it very much, so we had the run of it instead, whilst they looked on from the patio. The old lady used to tend a little border, which she filled with snapdragons, Sweet William, Love-in-a-Mist, Honesty, Chinese lanterns… I can see it all now.

    I don’t get artist block – I can’t draw/paint well enough to suffer from it! But writer’s block afflicts me every now and again. I just have to ride it out until inspiration hits, rather than fighting against it. That blank paper (or screen!) can be a real tease.

    Good luck with finding your muse again!

  • I had to look up “snapdragon” since I wasn’t sure what it was. So apparently we call it “antirrhinum” – Latin name – or “muflier” or “gueule de loup”. Very nice flowers.
    I also like lupines but they can’t grow in our soil; ther isn’t enough sand.
    I sometimes suffer from writer’s block. When this happens I post a recipe.

  • I love the photo…and want to reach out and pop those blooms. Snap, snap, snap!

    I do get writer’s block on occasion, and just let it go with the flow. It happens.

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