Lazy Bean Cafe in Teaneck

Lazy Bean Cafe
On Sunday we pick up the boy of ours who had the gall to leave us once again for a month at camp. He is sad camp is over, but we will be happy to see him.

This photo is of the Lazy Bean Cafe in Teaneck, New Jersey where we went a month ago directly after dropping off my son so he could get on the bus to camp. The Lazy Bean Cafe serves delicious coffee, some kind of creamsicle shake that my daughter enjoyed, simple salads, muffins that my husband sampled, and Belgian waffles. The sign reads: “Belgian Waffles. Possibly the world’s most guilt-free people.” I think it has something to do with the calories. Everything at Lazy Bean Cafe is kosher.

I am related to the woman in the ponytail, so if you go to Lazy Bean, tell her Leora from Highland Park says hello.

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