West Side Story Reds

West Side Story
My daughter and I had a lot of fun seeing West Side Story on Broadway two weeks ago. We learned from my daughter’s theater camp director that the show was originally going to be called East Side Story and was going to be between the Italians and the Jews. I am so glad that idea got canned (the Puerto Ricans started moving into New York and thus the story line was changed). I can imagine all the complicated issues it would have brought up if it had involved Jews, such as intermarriage.

Anyway, the now classic story with the Sharks and the Jets featured fabulous dancers and lovely costumes. The Sharks (Puerto Ricans) wore bright purple costumes, in contrast with the more muted, natural colors of the Jets. My favorite actress was Natalie Cortez who played Anita. I loved when she gave a piece of her mind to the members of the Jets who were picking on her in a nasty way.

Box Office Open for West Side Story
Have you seen West Side Story, either as a play or the movie? What were your reactions?

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