West Side Story Reds

West Side Story
My daughter and I had a lot of fun seeing West Side Story on Broadway two weeks ago. We learned from my daughter’s theater camp director that the show was originally going to be called East Side Story and was going to be between the Italians and the Jews. I am so glad that idea got canned (the Puerto Ricans started moving into New York and thus the story line was changed). I can imagine all the complicated issues it would have brought up if it had involved Jews, such as intermarriage.

Anyway, the now classic story with the Sharks and the Jets featured fabulous dancers and lovely costumes. The Sharks (Puerto Ricans) wore bright purple costumes, in contrast with the more muted, natural colors of the Jets. My favorite actress was Natalie Cortez who played Anita. I loved when she gave a piece of her mind to the members of the Jets who were picking on her in a nasty way.

Box Office Open for West Side Story
Have you seen West Side Story, either as a play or the movie? What were your reactions?

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21 thoughts on “West Side Story Reds

  • Great photos, my favorite being the first one. I have seen the movie and some extracts are classics with students in some classes here; one that comes to mind is the song “America”.

  • I’ve only seen the movie – never the play.

    I love the dancing, but every time I watch it, I always hope that maybe – just maybe – this time, the movie will have a different ending…

  • when you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way…I like the show! Who wants reality with all the dancing – a choreographed rumble is so stylish and entertaining!

  • great shots
    it’s wonderful that you and your daughter do these things together
    my son and I used to go to the theater all the time
    he also played a part in a HS version of West Side Story 🙂

  • I have been a West Side Story fan from my early teens. Living in a small village in faraway Norway, I first READ the story in a teen magazine. At the age of fourteen the movie finally came to our remote part of the country.
    I think I’ve still got drawings from the movie in my girl room at my mother’s.
    In other words, West Side Story made an huge impact. I were not to meet the original Romeo and Juliet until i came in gymnasium.
    How important these “first meetings” are.

  • Great photos! I’ve never seen it as a play, but I’ve seen the movie and seen Romeo and Juliet as a play at the theatre in many forms, with my favourite being a Royal Shakespeare Company version, set in 1950s Italy, where the sword fight was replaced with flick knives! It was magical, in a gruesome way!

  • Although I haven’t seen the recent WSS Broadway revival, let alone the original Broadway production of this great musical, I’m a devout fan of the film West Side Story who has not only attended virtually every screening of the film that has come to my area, but has made several road trips out of state for screenings of the movie West Side Story, and has seen a half dozen very good off-broadway stage productions, as well. I can’t wait for the next movie theatre screening of the movie West Side Story!

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