Next Sukkot in Jerusalem

Next Year in Jerusalem
This is the painting my son created in markers that says “Next Year in Jerusalem.” Of course, Mrs. S. and others will be able to catch the typo, correct? My son claimed no one will notice. Tee hee. We had run out of laminating paper right before the holiday, and I mistakenly told my son, oh, don’t worry, it’s SO dry (we’ve had a drought much of the summer).

So the first evening of Sukkot the sky was clear, and the table was beautifully set in our new sukkah for 10 people. Our guests were coming a little after eight o’clock…at seven-forty or so, the sky turns orange and pink and brown. Not the color of evening sky. Soon thunder and lightning began, then the pouring of rain. I managed to save the lovely paper place settings and napkins. We ate in our dining room.

The next day, we looked at my son’s poster; it looked like Jerusalem was crying. Bits of the marker had dripped down the white of the poster board. I guess “she” wanted us to be there.

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