10 thoughts on “Carnivals by Risa and Rivster

    • Teams compete against different schools. You study a certain parsha with Rashi. Questions can be on the text or Rashi (not the other mepharshim). You have to try out for the team. Both my sons are doing it this year (but the one in high school plays other high school teams, the one in 8th grade plays other 6,7 or 8th graders). You have to be fast and press a buzzer. I’ve never seen it (parents aren’t allowed; they do it during the school day).

      • I’d quite like to see one of these competitions. How long in advance do they know the parsha concerned and does this take place often with some sort of final at the end?

      • This year everyone is studying Shmot. The first match of the year is this Tuesday (for middle son – don’t know about high school). So he learned all three parshiot involved. The next one will be in about 2 months (maybe less); each teammate commits to learning at least 2 of the three parshiot, so they are covered.

        I suppose if they win the division, they go to some other round with other winning schools.

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