JPiX Post Chanukah + Babies Edition

JPiX is the Jewish Photo Bloggers’ Blog Carnival.


First, the babies, photos and babies by Imabima (2 on the left) and by Mottel (on the right):
baby solly son of imabima, baby solly    baby by mottel

In the Land of Israel

Three by Batya:
landscape Adam Devora

Zot Chanukah and Dovid’s Moon

Zot Chanukah by Cosmic X; Dovid’s Moon by Ruti Mizrachi (with babies on the post!)
zot chanukah dovid's moon

From the Pirsum Project for Chanukah

All on the blog of G6:
Debbie wall hanging in Jerusalem shabbos candles chanukah sons come home for Chanukah

On the chosid’s blog – by Leah

prayer grave of Rebbe chanukah lights winter flower

Antwerp, Squash, and a Duck

Ilana-Davita visited Antwerp; Hannah found a giant squash, and her daughter “did” a duck.
antwerp squash duck

Three by Robin

bougainvillea candles Galil sky by Robin
Can you spell bougainvillea without using spell-check?

Mostly Chanukah by Leora

chanuka shamash chanuka night 5 red leaves on pavement

Past JPiX carnivals: Robin – Fall 2010Toby – Summer 2010Leora – Spring 2010Pesky – Winter 2010Leora – Fall 2009Batya – Summer 2009Leora – Spring 2009Ilana-Davita – Winter 2009Rafi – January 2009Mother in Israel (Hannah) – December 2008

Next one will be hosting by Ilana-Davita… sometime in the late spring. Use this form on the blog carnival site to submit your post. Thank you, Ilana-Davita!

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