Nature Notes: Bird Guests

cardinal bright red
I was excited today to have a bright red visitor in our backyard. The red cardinal did not fly away when I brought my camera outside. If you look careful through the branches, you can see another bird nearby, probably a sparrow.

cardinal leaving
Here the cardinal is turning around – soon he will leave.

Last Friday I actually remembered to fill my little window bird feeder with bird seed. And it looks like a sparrow enjoyed the treats. It just so happened that last Friday was the day before we read the Song of the Sea in the synagogue. One is supposed to feed the birds, as you can learn from my Nature Notes of last year.

sparrow leaves bird feeder
Now that little bird guest is leaving as well.

Today is Tu B’Shvat, which is sort of a Jewish Arbor Day. You can learn a little about the Jewish holidays in the winter from this post.

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18 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Bird Guests

  • What a lovely celebration! I know the birds appreciated it. I have seen a number of cardinals this year – more than I remember from last year.

  • We don’t have cardinals, but the eye of the Lord is on the sparrows too..
    I have trouble feeding the birds, now, when we are adopted by this sweet Kitty. She’s half wild, and it makes me so sorry when cats capture birds, even though it’s according to their nature.

    I like the birthday of the trees celebration.
    It’s pure poetry.
    I also like the feast beginning with pey. That must be passover, or? The mighty manifestation of the power of the Almighty.
    May He still lead us.

      • So sorry about my ignorance and forgetfulness.
        Of course the feast of the wonderful victory of Ester and her uncle Mordekai comes before Passover.
        Forgive me for being such a slow learner.
        I’ll keep coming back though. I’ll rather reveal my ignorance and learn, than be silent and in darkness.

  • Glad the male cardinal paid you a visit. Cardinals are one of our more common bird, but it’s impossible to take their bright red color for granted. They add so much to drab winter scenes.

  • I know the cardinal is the scene stealer, but I was thrilled to see that white-crowned sparrow. I have only seen them a couple of times here. How nice that it could get a meal in its travels down from it’s high Canadian breeding grounds….Michelle

    • Thank you so much of the “id” of the white-crowned sparrow, Michelle. It did look like a sparrow to me, but I was unaware it wasn’t my garden-variety house sparrow.

      I will do my best to keep the bird feeder full, at least through winter. In the spring, the birds will once again dive at my compost instead of the feeder.

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