Nature Notes: Bird Guests

cardinal bright red
I was excited today to have a bright red visitor in our backyard. The red cardinal did not fly away when I brought my camera outside. If you look careful through the branches, you can see another bird nearby, probably a sparrow.

cardinal leaving
Here the cardinal is turning around – soon he will leave.

Last Friday I actually remembered to fill my little window bird feeder with bird seed. And it looks like a sparrow enjoyed the treats. It just so happened that last Friday was the day before we read the Song of the Sea in the synagogue. One is supposed to feed the birds, as you can learn from my Nature Notes of last year.

sparrow leaves bird feeder
Now that little bird guest is leaving as well.

Today is Tu B’Shvat, which is sort of a Jewish Arbor Day. You can learn a little about the Jewish holidays in the winter from this post.

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